ICE Malta’s Success Stories, in collaboration with leading brands

The ICE Malta campaign for the 2014/2015 academic year will celebrate the investment made by local and international corporate clients in ICT Training for their staff. While the school continues to grow at a rapid pace and ICE Malta continues to welcome thousands of students each academic year, the institute has continued to strengthen the ICT corporate training unit designed to assist local and international businesses based in the Maltese islands who are recognise the importance of staff training. ‘Together with our educational partners, Microsoft, Cisco, LPI, The Digital Marketing Institute, Adobe, Autodesk amongst others, we are pleased to be able to work closely with businesses and deliver custom designed training which will ensure that employees become more efficient and effective at their work place. IT Training is crucial and gives businesses immediate results’, Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Director commented.

As part of the campaign launch, the ICE Malta creative team has launched a number of featurettes dedicated to real life stories of students who were encouraged or sponsored by the company they work for to further their studies. The first collection of videos launched include ICE Malta success stories of Christopher Demicoli, Malta’s Cisco NetRiders Champion, who works at, Joseph Bondin, Malta’s IT Essentials NetRiders Champion who works at Maltapost, Teri Camilleri, one of Malta’s first Diploma in Digital Marketing graduates and part of the Switch Digital team, and Nino Jovanovic who works at Offion software. Featurettes may be viewed below.

ICE Malta’s Success Story in collaboration with – Christopher Demicoli’s Story – HERE

ICE Malta’s Success Story in collaboration with Switch Digital – Teri Camilleri’s Story – HERE

ICE Malta’s Success Story in Collaboration with Offion – Nino Jovanic’s Story – HERE

ICE Malta’s Success Story in collaboration with Maltapost  – Joseph Bondin’s Story – HERE

The ICE Malta team are presently meeting businesses to design training programmes for their staff. For more details, clients may get in touch with the ICE Malta Corporate Team on 21467787 or email [email protected] to request a copy of the ICE Malta Corporate Training brochure