ICE Malta’s milestones to date!
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As we approach the mid year mark, here are some of our favourite 2013 milestones to date! 

ICE Malta kicked off 2013 with the launch of our new slogan ‘ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead’ and the reveal of the 2013/2014 marketing strategy and our CSR program to ensure that we too are also giving back to the community – be it sports, environment, arts and heritage – we want to contribute and share our success. Like our mentors, we feel that giving back is an integral part of an entrepreneur’s journey to success. Together with our prestigious partners including Microsoft, CISCO, Adobe, Autodesk amongst others, we discussed our participation in international events and how we can put the Maltese islands on the ICT map and truly show that we are a hub of ICT excellence. We were overwhelmed with how they embraced our vision and kicked off a number of unique incentives to ensure that our students continue to position themselves as star candidates for a number of opportunities. 

Creative Student Showcase 2013

With the support of Malta Enterprise, our creative design students were being given the opportunity to meet industry leaders and showcase their portfolios. While two students were chosen as winners a number of students were given internship opportunities! A great way to kick start creative careers in the digital gaming industry and attract more foreign investment to employ our local talent. This event is now part of Malta Enterprise’s yearly calendar of events. 

Ambassador Safer Internet Day 2013 & Girls in ICT Day 2013

It irked us that these two world celebrations were never given much importance locally. We made sure to include both events on our calendar and made it our mission to organize competitions and events so Malta will be given the international exposure our islands deserve. We are pleased to have received the support of some of the island’s leading ICT players included TRC, Connexo, Malta Enterprise, MITA, MCA, 6pm, University of Malta amongst others, who made sure that both events were successful.

Launch of FACES Real Life Stories

We dedicated our marketing campaign to the real life stories of our students just because nothing is as captivating, refreshing and inspiring. FACES Real Life Stories is our way of sharing the aspirations of our students and turning our brand into a household name. 

Sponsorship of the Malta Rugby World Cup qualifier against Switzerland and The High Impact Table Tennis Academy

We started off by sharing our philosophy ‘STUDY. UNWIND. REPEAT’ encouraging our students to dedicate time to their passions – be it sports, arts or whatever would inspire creativity and lead to a balanced lifestyle. Our financial contribution to these sports organizations led to a number of marketing opportunities which reaped many benefits for our brand. More CSR ahead!  

Host Institute for The CISCO Networking Academy NetRiders 2013

While we had embarked on a number of competitions for our creative design students we had big plans for our CISCO students too! With the support of Malta Enterprise and the Get Qualified Scheme, ICE Malta’s accepted nomination to be the host school for this year’s NetRiders 2013 means that between 3 and 4 CISCO students have the chance to represent Malta in the international competition and win a study trip to California and the UK CISCO Headquarters!

Nominated for Malta’s Young Entrepreneur Awards 2013 and The ICE ICT Blog

Truly, one opportunity leads to so many others, and this nomination led us to the launch of another iconic moment for the ICE Malta team. The launch of our very own blog dedicated to ICT opportunities, challenges, ICT business and the true value and relevance of ICT education. We’ll be sharing our thoughts, experiences and stories of the many hardworking ICT institutions on our island the first ever ICE ICT blog on  

Titled ‘Innovative Entrepreneurs 2013’

We were over the moon when we heard we had won the prestigious title, Innovative Entrepreneurs 2013 during the celebration dinner held on Friday 10th May 2013. This recognition is our inspiration to continue to position ourselves as leaders in the ICT educational arena and to encourage individuals to continue to invest in ICT knowledge and consider ICT careers, locally and all over the globe


It’s been a great year but we’re just half way through, lots more to come in this memorable 2013/2014 scholastic year, so connect with us on our social media platforms in the meanwhile we’ll keep our word and continue to deliver our slogan promise – keeping you one step ahead!