ICE Malta students wins the design competition
ICE Malta student Justin borg wins’s design competition

ICE Malta student Justin Borg is the winner of’s design competition. The MySuccess Graphic Designer student created brand guidelines and a media tool kit for this hard working social support online service.

‘The ICE Malta study experience gives students the opportunity to participate in local and international competitions. Apart from being essential for the students’ portfolio, competitions also give them the chance to truly showcase their talent. Our collaboration with NGO ‘’ was a great initiative mainly because apart from giving our talent the opportunity to design a campaign which will be launched in the coming months, participants helped a hard working social support online service which is focused on helping young teens. This made this competition even more special for our students. During the next couple of weeks, ICE Malta will be launching a national competition for game design & game development talent. More information may be viewed HERE Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta explained

‘It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with ICE Malta, and it was absolutely awesome to see the talent and skills of Justin. Clearly shows determination and good will. Surly he is on the right track. We are looking forward for further collaborations, both with ICE Malta and hopefully some design projects with Justin. Well done.’ James Buhagiar, Service Coordinator

The MySuccess collection of industry designed study programmes launched exclusively by ICE Malta and supported by the Get Qualified Scheme has given hundreds of design, code, technical and creative students the opportunity to study what they love, achieve worldwide recognised certifications, strengthen their portfolio and CV through competitions and meet local & international industry leaders who are looking to employ the island’s top talent.

It’s always hard to stand out and to make yourself heard in an industry which is constantly changing and evolving; it’s not easy, especially when you are considered as a newcomer. Tough but not impossible, it’s just a matter of taking the right opportunity at the right time. Competitions like this one, are the best platform to show off and freely express your skills and even learn more along its design coarse. Keeping in mind that others are seeking the same opportunity as you do, giving your all is the drive to continue chasing your dream. Might not be lucky on your first shot but hey there’s always a second chance, and third and forth if needed’ Justin Borg, ICE Malta student & winner of the competition

ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead.

ICE Malta student Justin borg wins's design competition