ICE Malta launches MySuccess supported by Get Qualified

 ICE Malta has launched a unique collection of world wide recognized certifications which have been acknowledged by Malta Enterprise and now form part of the Get Qualified Scheme. ‘This is definitely another milestone for ICE Malta as well as for the ICT education arena in the Maltese islands as the collection of creative and technical certifications titled ‘MySuccess’, will give students the possibility to embarking on a study path which will give them all the necessary skills and tools to help them achieve their career aspirations. We firmly believe that students must be guided to design their career path based on their skills, personality and aspirations and are proud to have the full support of Malta Enterprise and the Get Qualified Scheme which will entitle students who enroll and are accepted for the 2013/2014 scholastic year, an 80% of their course fees back’  Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta explained.

Apart from achieving a collection of world wide certifications from prestigious names, MySuccess students will have access to a unique mentorship programme allowing them to take advantage of one to one attention from some of the island’s most seasoned tutors, practical hands on experience, use of the latest technology, career guidance, access to a dedicated online student area as well as group sessions with academics to explore career opportunities, the chance to take part in local and international competitions as well as invitations for high profile events where students will be able to showcase their portfolios to key industry leaders.  Students may chose one of five career paths to follow at an associate and professional level including Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design and Game Design.  

‘Ultimately, our aim is to show that ICT has the potential of being one of the island’s most prominent economic pillars. In the past years our islands have managed to secure the interest of various major global ICT companies who have set an active presence here, such as Microsoft, HP, TRC, IBM, CISCO, Oracle amongst others. We consider our islands to be a regional centre of  excellence, topping the EU benchmarking charts in various aspects related to ICT so as a leading educational entity focused entirely on ICT Studies, we feel that it is essential for students and parents to understand the immense potential of this industry and consider careers in ICT. The launch of MySuccess will definitely be an integral part of this national awareness campaign for the evergrowing ICT industry and together with our Admissions Team, I look forward to meeting students who are interested in joining us for this unique study opportunity’ Keith Vassallo, Director of Studies & Professional Development at ICE Malta.

Students who are interested to embark on a MySuccess Career path may get in touch with ICE Malta’s Director of Studies on 21 467787, send an email to [email protected] or visit the newly launched website HERE.

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