FACES 2014 video now launched

The ICE Malta Creative Team have launched their first collection of videos as part of the April 2014 semester marketing campaign. This year, the ‘FACES 2014 Real Life Stories’ campaign has been transformed into a collection of 30sec adverts and a 3minute featurette showcasing some of the island’s top talent, ICE Malta students who share their accomplishments, dreams, successes and encourage individuals to embark on study programmes leading to worldwide recognised certifications.

Last year’s FACES campaign was definitely effective and a great way to start, but this year we wanted to take next step, be bolder and take advantage of our strength on social media and the power of our recently launched website and truly share our students’ real life stories with individuals from all walks of life. Certainly we could have opted to use models, actors or stage scripted interviews, but we figured why should we try and create a superficial ‘glossy advertorial style’ feature when in reality our students have achieved the highest academic results on the islands, exclusive accomplishments and are by far truly some of the island’s present ICT stars? We’re proud of the final results and we believe that the features will inspire individuals to recognise the true potential of worldwide recognised ICT certifications and the importance of ICT education for any career path’ Nikolai Sammut ICE Malta director explained

The 3minute featurette introduces past and present ICE Malta 2013/2014 students including Mario Baldacchino, Jorge Spiteri, Julian Farrugia, Emma Claire Azzopardi, Omar Tanti and Sabrina Miggiani – students who have achieved notable success for themselves and for ICE Malta. ‘Ultimately, the institute’s success is based on the success of our students who continue to reach new heights and make us proud. Together with our prestigious educational partners we will continue to ensure that ICE Malta students enjoy a unique study experience achieving the highest academic results on the islands and reaching their career aspirations with the help of our dedicated team’. 

Without further delay welcome to this year’s FACES Real Life Stories Featurette. Feel free to share and post on your social media pages too and get in touch with the ICE Malta team on [email protected] with your feedback. We’d love to hear from you!



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