Enrolment for the Diploma in Digital Marketing is now open.

Employees from some of the most prestigious brands representing industries including Finance, Architecture, Education, Retail, iGaming, Real-Estate, Aviation, Advertising & Media, Telecommunications together with Marketing Students from leading academies, started ICE Malta’s 6th Diploma in Digital Marketing 5 day bootcamp earlier on last week.

Achieving a Digital Marketing worldwide recognised certification is not just for individuals who work in the creative arena, but for anyone who wants to remain relevant and take full advantage of digital to take their company to the next level.  HR Managers, entrepreneurs, team leaders, financial advisers amongst other professionals, have enroled for the five day bootcamp to master digital skills and techniques and confidently understand and implement digital in their strategies. – Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Co-Founder explained.

Due to high demand, ICE Malta has launched the PARTTIME Diploma in Digital Marketing study programme which is set to start in May 2016. Full course details may be viewed here. A maximum of 18 students will be accepted for this course.

Thanks to the Digital Marketing Institute’s Syllabus Advisory Council, students enjoy knowing that they are mastering tools and techniques which are accredited by the world’s digital leaders such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft & Ogilvy. Our Admissions Team works closely with local & international brands to deliver worldwide recognised certifications which are relevant to the industry. It’s crystal clear that the Diploma in Digital Marketing EQF/MQF Level 5 course is a certification the industry is looking for and we’re proud to be giving local talent the opportunity to remain the best in their business. – Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Co-Founder explained.

Prospective students are invited to confirm their enrolment online here or may chat with our team and get answers to all their questions instantly. Alternatively, individuals may send an email to [email protected] or call 21467787 to organize a one-to-one meeting with ICE Malta’s Student Relations Executive.

ICE Malta, All Yours.