Climb the IT career ladder in 2016. Here’s how.

If you’re thinking of asking for a pay raise, if you’re eyeing a promotion or if you’re looking to climb the career ladder during 2016, a Microsoft MCSD Web Applications certification is just what you need. The IT industry is a highly competitive rapidly evolving industry, and you have to keep yourself up to date with the technological changes and continue to build your skill-set if you truly want to be considered as an expert in your field.

Here are some other reasons why the prestigious MCSD Web Applications certification is for you.

  • An employee with certifications is viewed as an asset and will be awarded
  • Certifications justify your determination to excel. They show that you are truly an industry professional.
  • Having advanced level certifications help you create a niche skill-set for yourself, making you an expert for that technology.
  • Upgrading your professional skills aids climbing the professional ladder within your organization.
  • Certifications add great value to your earning potential.

Thanks to ICE Malta, MCSD Web Applications students benefit from 70% of their course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme. Full course details may be viewed here.

A maximum of 16 students will be accepted for this final class for 2015, therefore early enrolment is recommended. Prospective students may click on the chat widget at the bottom right hand corner of the ICE Malta website and get answers to all questions instantly. Alternatively, individuals may send an email to [email protected] or call 21467787 to organize a meeting with the ICE Malta Student Relations Executive.

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