More ICE Malta ‘behind the scenes’

There’s a great sort of excitement at the ICE Malta institute and headquarters as a team of more than 35 tutors together with the administration team discuss the final official timetable, approve the ICE Malta welcome notes for students, greet new members to the ICE Malta team and schedule which classrooms will be dedicated to the vast range of courses.

‘While the team is all geared up for another intensive semester, I must point out that we’re very happy with the amount of new students which have decided to join us at our institute and are always pleased to greet familiar faces of those who have decided to continue to further their studies at ICE Malta. With the assistance of our ever growing team of professionals from various fields of expertise, we are proud to have been the first institute to launch our semester timetable while we were still flexible in our approach and managed to include two new accredited courses to our timetable schedule namely InDesign CS6 Foundations and 2D & 3D Design with Sketch Up. During 2013 we will continue to be ICT institute leaders and inspire, encourage and assist our students.’ Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta’s principal explains

As soon as the new semester timetable kicks off this Friday the ICE Malta team will continue to focus on the the May and Summer 2013 semesters which will also include courses from accredited vendors such as Microsoft, CISCO, Autodesk and Adobe amongst others, while will include the launch of ICE Malta’s FACES campaign, ICE Malta’s Creative Student Showcase and Soiree and an intriguing new sponsorship and exclusive collaboration lined up for April. ‘We would like to take this opportunity to wish our tutors and students a productive semester full of inspiring content under the guidance of some of our island’s finest mentors and tutors whilst we would also like wish all ICT students attending private and public schools an exciting new term’ Nikolai Sammut concluded. 

The foundations of ICE Malta.

 Dull environments produce dull minds. So we designed a school environment which students want to visit.

Tutors should be mentors.  So we created a people focused learning environment led by academics who are true professionals.

Schools, institutes and academies should also develop careers. So we guarantee world recognized certifications, study what the industry is looking for and design innovative curriculum

Students should dream. So we inspire them, enhance their creativity, challenge their ideas and encourage them to celebrate their uniqueness.