DOI’s ‘ICE Cool’ Summer competition for design students!

The ICE Malta team are gearing up for an intensive Summer Semester and will be launching a number of local and international creative and technical competitions for ICE Malta students to take part in! ‘These competitions are a great way for our students to build their portfolio whilst also win cash prizes. We constantly encourage our students to take part in these great initiatives and are proud to promote DOI’s newly launched Design Competition for students aged 18+. The chosen theme for this year’s design competition is ‘Open Government‘. Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta director explained

The theme chosen – ‘Open Government’ is a concept whereby the government encourages Maltese citizens to come forward, to voice their opinions and make suggestions. It also enables the public to seek access information from the government. Original design work created must clearly portray this theme.  This design competition has a 1750euro prize fund divided as follows: 1st prize – 1000euros, 2nd prize – 500euros, 3rd prize – 250euros. 

Competition details including regulations, time-frames and application form may be found HERE

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