Why the Syllabus Advisory Council is brag-worthy.

Wondering why we mention the Syllabus Advisory Council each and every time we talk about the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing 5 day bootcamp?

Well we’re literally as proud as punch to work closely with this lot of brilliant minds. You see, the council is made up of members who live, breath and dream digital 365 days a year. 

They’re literally the ones who have created the incredible online world we all so love. These guys are the real deal.

They work in the big leagues at places like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, IBM and LinkedIn (just to mention a few), and are the ones who have carefully crafted digital which has transformed the business world and has allowed up us to create our very own personal online empire, boost our business, build our brand and conquer the world of entrepreneurship from the comfort of our own selected space.

So what does the Syllabus Advisory Council really do?

Syllabus Advisory Members find the time to guarantee that each and every individual on planet earth learn to master digital and keep up to speed with the latest and greatest updates during the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course.

And that’s not all, they don’t just give their stamp of approval, they dedicate precious time to make sure that the course syllabus revolves around the techniques, tools and theories which are at the heart of the digital we know today while also give precious insight on what’s coming up in the future. They arm us with the skills which will help us conquer digital confidently and that dear friends is what makes them so awesome.

This won’t come as a surprise.

Because of the Syllabus Advisory Council, thousands of individuals from all over the world are attracted to the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course in a ‘bees to honey’ kind of way, because they know that the course content is nothing short of being spectacularly relevant and incredibly real-world.

Here at ICE Malta well, we’re over the moon!

We get to give upcoming talent, career driven, success hungry individuals and anyone who wants to learn the 21st century skills that matter most, the chance to enjoy a piece of the pie knowing that the skills they are learning are designed by the industry leaders that matter and will get them one step closer to career greatness.

Are you suddenly as hyped as we are?

Then think no more. Join us for Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp in July, secure your spot.

Your commitment and investment will be rewarded because you’ll achieve an EQF Level 5 certification and the industry skills you’re longing to gain and benefit from 70% of your course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme.

Kudos to the Syllabus Advisory Council, you guys rock.