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By now you must have heard. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018. Panic strikes for many because, let’s face it – the GPDR’s impact on businesses will undoubtedly be massive – the new rules require businesses large and small to transform their policies, structure and personnel to ensure compliance and adherence. No easy feat.

Apart from the huge fines (up to €20m or 4% of their global annual turnover – ouch) European surveys show individuals guard their personal data more closely than other regions in the world. The majority of our fellow Europeans only part with data if they see some value in return, or are not willing to part with data at all.

Among the compulsary tasks listed (and the list isn’t on the short side), the chosen Data Protection Officers are obliged to ensure that ‘awareness raising and training of staff involved in the processing operations’ is coordinated. Bingo. Companies large and small, employees dealing with data must have a basic understanding of privacy and GDPR. There’s no two ways about it.


When industry demands training, ICE Malta delivers. The world’s privacy authority, the IAPP, has chosen to work with the island’s leading ICT Academy to deliver what is considered to be the gold standard of GDPR learning. Gold standard – best of the best, top of the tops, endorsed by a Syllabus Advisory Council made up of individuals representing some of the world’s top brands.

There’s more, European privacy experts have jumped on board too and have designed a 30 minute online course which is the most effective, affordable and easiest way to get up to scratch with privacy and GDPR matters.

Compliance starts with knowledge so we thought we’d make your life a tad simpler. We’ve launched two types of study programmes. So you’re either going to enrol for one or the other. It’s that easy. Discover where you fit in.

Absolutely EveryoneYou deal with data daily, regularly or from time to time. No matter how frequent, if you have any contact with present, prospective or past clients at any point then we have an intuitive, content-rich 30-minute online learning experience designed by privacy experts that will make sure that you gain the Privacy & GDPR Awareness you’re obliged to have.

30 Minutes • Online

The Selected FewYou’ve been given the task of designing, implementing and maintaining everything GDPR related within your organisation. Kudos to you. The practical 4-day bootcamp designed by the world’s leading privacy organisation IAPP is considered to be the gold standard in GDPR Learning (CIPP/E + CIPM) and is your recommended study programme.

4 Days • Bootcamp

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