Digital can win the election. Here’s how.

Spend less money, reach more people — win the game.

Election fever is hitting our islands hard, stories are unraveling, the temperature is rising — so we thought we’d let you in on a secret. 

Just like any award winning brand, political parties need to have digital in their corner to win, and in this unexpected election campaign we’re watching the master minds behind each political party’s online strategies use some of the digital powers they have most likely learnt in the Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp.

  • We’re receiving a healthy share of e-newsletters
  • We’re seeing structured integrated marketing campaigns
  • A daily dose of social media posts have been planned
  • More effective use of hashtags ##
  • Way better use of Facebook & Google ads
  • All parties have clearly set a digital strategy

Super job. However, regretfully —  it’s not enough.

The skills behind a digital victory

This intensive yet oh so effective 5 day Diploma in Digital & Social Selling bootcamp will give anyone trusted to sit in the digital strategy seat, the skills and tools to build a positively bright, bold and beautifully designed campaign which would instill in anyone an urge to head over to the polling booths and make a decision based on how they were influenced digitally.

Here’s how.

1.Understand customer psychology
Imagine if parties had to take the time to learn how to research and use tools and techniques to establish and understand what’s going through each and every person’s head? This would be gold.

2. Build trust
Mastering digital means that the team running a campaign will turn up their social listening volume, learn how to engage with people from all walks of life, build trusted relationships with anyone online, become a social leader and transform warm leads into loyal brand ambassadors.

3.Create engaging content
There’s no use debating on this one. Content is and will always be king and in this year’ selection, no one is wearing the content crown. The Digital & Social Selling bootcamp gives individuals the power to create visibility, craft story boards that sell and design a winning content strategy.

4. Find out what your competitor is up to
It all boils down to creating a well drafted calculated data driven campaign. Diploma in Digital & Social Selling students learn how to evaluate, monitor, analyze and forecast what their competitor’s next step is.

Not in politics? 

Consider this a gentle nudge. 

Digital can make an impact and give exposure to any brand so anyone who is even remotely connected to the world of sales, marketing, management or business strategy needs the Digital & Social Selling bootcamp like air.

Spend less money, reach more people — win the game.

Join us on June 21st and start your own online brand revolution.