Why Cisco CCNA is a must-have certificate for any tech career. Meet Aaron.

Aaron Lagana’ has been part of InterContinental Malta’s Tech Team for the past 5 years. As he progresses in his career, he continues to confirm that ICE Malta’s Cisco CCNA course is a must-have course for anyone who wants a career in ICT, no matter the industry. This is his story.

What motivated you to enrol for the Cisco CCNA in 2020?

After finishing my Bachelor of Honours in Computer Systems and Networking, I was keen to start a course that will give me the opportunity to gain practical industry skills that will help me progress in my tech career and give me a better insight into the tools that tech pros use on a day to day basis. My friends had enrolled at ICE Malta and after seeing some ads I decided to jump in. No regrets. It’s been great!

How do you use your new skills at your workplace?
I work as an IT Technician and I use various systems from different brands including Cisco, Mikrotik, HP Aruba, etc. Although I do have a technical academic background, certain functionalities and aspects were not familiar to me, and now thanks to my learning experience at ICE Malta that has changed. I feel more confident, more efficient and have the ability to be more agile when troubleshooting. It’s amazing how much you can learn in just one course.
Why do you believe that Cisco CCNA is an essential certification for anyone eager to embark on a career in tech?
Yes, it definitely is! Apart from the fact that it positions you as a prime candidate for tech positions across any industry, and it’s also a great first tech certificate to achieve, the fact that it is a globally recognised certificate is extremely valuable. It’s a must-have on any tech CV.
What was your favourite online live study experience feature?
I believe in practical learning and ICE Malta’s learning experience focuses entirely on a ‘learning by doing’ delivery style. The practical examples shared during the course were really helpful, the step-by-step instructions, case studies, real-world industry scenarios presented made learning easier and more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to our upcoming free workshop too – it’ll definitely be interesting because we’ll be able to apply all of the skills that we’ve learnt during challenges given to us by our tutor.
What is a day working in the tech hospitality industry like?
It is quite hectic but very rewarding! I support fellow employees and hotel guests with their tech requests and work with my colleagues for tech requirements for all the events held on our properties. Every day is a different challenge! Simultaneously, I also am entrusted to work on a number of ongoing projects throughout the hotel such as guest rooms refurbishment of TVs, IP Phones, Administration Phones, etc – so let’s say every day flies by! The fact that I get to use the skills I have learnt at my workplace is great, learning is continuous.
What’s next in your learning journey?
I am exploring which other course I should enrol for so that I can keep myself ahead and continue to progress in my career. I am open to the idea of learning something not tech-related so I can build a very strong and diverse CV and portfolio which will help me elevate my career even faster.
Whether Aaron continues to dive deeper into tech and moves on to enrol for courses such as LPIC-1 Linux Administrator or Architecting on AWS or he opts to switch to a completely different path and selects courses such as the Diploma in Digital Marketing or Graphic Designer Associate, we are confident that we will be celebrating more career success with this highly driven and motivated talent.


I believe in practical learning and ICE Malta’s online live learning experience focuses entirely on a ‘learning by doing’ delivery style.