Why Adobe’s industry tools are vital for digital marketers. Meet Mariah.

Anchovy. Studios PLC has quickly positioned itself as one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies headquartered in the Maltese Islands. Their Digital Marketing Executive Mariah continues to integrate learning in her lifestyle to remain at the top of her game and push this brand further. She shares why all digital marketing executives need to get familiar with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and level-up with the in-demand MySuccess Graphic Designer Associate course. This is her story.

What’s a day as a Digital Marketing Executive at ANCHOVY. like?
Very hectic! We start the day with a team meeting to make sure that we’re all on the same page – apart from being super informative they’re tons of fun. After that’s done, my day kicks-off and the great news is, it’s always different. I’m assigned projects where I get to visit interesting places/businesses/offices and meet new people. Other projects are executed on set/location with other creatives. Personally, I hate routines so I’m lucky to have a job that allows me not to have one.
Why did you decide to enrol for world-class learning?

I think that it’s really the best way to learn. The fact that you are encouraged to apply what you learn to real-world scenarios is perfect, it makes learning easier, more effective, and fun.

What was your favourite part of your study experience?
Definitely meeting like-minded talent who have different perspectives yet the same willingness to learn and grow.
Why have industry tools like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator become vital for digital marketing talent to learn?
Digital and Design marry beautifully well and both have become incredibly crucial for any creative. Being knowledgeable about these industry tools also enhances your relationship with designers which elevates team spirit. One of the most powerful things is that having insight regarding these basic tools gives you a clearer understanding of a project’s opportunities and complexities.
What are your learning plans for 2021?
I’d love to improve my digital marketing skills and keep up to date with the latest tech features.
A message to talent across all industries sharing why learning should be an integral part of their lifestyle.
You can’t grow if you don’t learn new things. You can’t succeed or be the best if you don’t bring something different to the table. You always need to add value to whatever you’re doing, and you can’t add value if you are not constantly learning new things.
Mariah has the creativity, personality, and drive which will open doors for her. We are certain that we will see her again in 2021 for more world-class learning and we can’t wait to be by her side as she celebrates her next success.


The fact that you are encouraged to apply what you learn to real-world scenarios is perfect, it makes learning easier, more effective, and fun.

MARIAH FENECHDigital Marketing Executive