Unlock your payrise potential. Microsoft rules

So you’ve been working in the ICT arena for a couple of years now. You’ve heard (through the grapevine) that the management is discussing a new ICT vacancy which is right up your alley. An IT Manager for a subsidiary company, who will be entrusted to handle the ICT strategy and development of the whole unit. Just the career opportunity and pay rise you’d love to get. But wait. Are YOU their preferred choice?

At the end of the day it all boils down to selecting a candidate who has a collection of Microsoft certifications which show the practical skill set, ability to implement knowledge to a work environment and the passion to continuously learn and improve. Microsoft certifications are your key to success so what are you waiting for?


The Study Experience you deserve


And there’s more. Together with your effort and commitment, the ICE Malta’s ISO Certified Study Experience has been designed to ensure that you are given all the skills, tools and practical hands on attention you deserve to achieve career success. Plus ICE Malta DAYTIME Study Programmes are 100% Guaranteed to start meaning while other training centres might cancel your course a day or two before you’re supposed to start – ICE Malta never will.

That promotion you’re eyeing is not impossible to get. With an ICE Malta ICT Training plan which includes MCSA Windows Server 2012, MCSA SQL Server 2012, MCSE Server Infrastructure in action you’re most likely to be the obvious, preferred choice.


You could be the next success. Get in touch. We’ll explain how.
An excellent Microsoft learning experience. Great school, well-prepared educator with clear delivery methods, friendly reception by all the staff. I recommend ICE Malta to everyone– Clayton Said, Fimbank