The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing helped her become a Digital Strategist at Redorange. Meet Loredana.

For years Redorange’s new Digital Strategist and Account Executive Loredana Agius had a passion for digital marketing and agency life. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck she decided to follow her dreams and enrolled for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course. Months later she secured a rewarding career opportunity at one of the island’s fastest-growing agencies. This is her story.

You moved from the finance industry to the digital marketing world. What was this shift like?
After 5 years in the finance arena, I decided to make a career switch to digital marketing. Even though I had very good feedback from my accounting managers and even though I enjoyed the analytical part of my job I always felt that something was missing. Marketing has always been a passion of mine. One thing that I feel has helped me in this shift was the Covid-19 pandemic. The teleworking period that everyone has experienced was an eye-opener for me. I have realized that if there is something that you really want to do in your life, you must go for it and not waste time.
Why did you enrol for the Diploma in Digital Marketing course?

I consider myself to be a creative person and I really enjoy the idea of interacting with clients & designers, digital marketing was always something I was very interested in. I reconnected with friends who were either in the process of completing or had successfully completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course and everyone had very good and motivational feedback. That has helped a lot.

What is agency life like?
It is very exciting. Apart from the regular interaction with people, design meetings and, so on, the tasks are always changing, and you are learning something new on a daily basis. This keeps it even more interesting, dynamic and, rewarding.
What did you enjoy the most about your online live study experience?
Following the lectures and participating in group projects was very straightforward. The ICE Malta team was always helpful and available at any time. The fact that we can learn from anywhere is a huge plus.
Why do all brands, even the ones working with an agency need to have digital marketing insight?
In today’s world, digital marketing is an essential part of a business. Through social media, businesses can reach a massive audience and achieve even bigger and better results at less the investment. Having a solid level of digital marketing skills will ensure that businesses can communicate more effectively with their trusted agency, understand the strategy presented to them and confidently integrate digital marketing in their business culture, across all levels.
What’s next for you?
Just like in any other industry, one can never learn enough. There is always room for growth and opportunities to further your knowledge. I am looking forward to becoming an expert in the field and this is why the Postgraduate Expert in Digital Marketing might very well be my next step. ICE Malta has made my career transition a smooth and exciting one and I will definitely turn to them to continue my learning journey.
Stories like Loredana’s remind us that one course can make a massive difference to your life, it is what can get you one step closer to your goals. Thanks to ICE Malta’s Online Live study experience you can gain the in-demand skills top brands want to make a career move or start a new exciting chapter. We’re very proud of this alumni and can’t wait to be by her side during the next step of her learning journey.


ICE Malta has made my career transition a smooth and exciting one and I will definitely turn to them to continue my learning journey.

LOREDANA AGIUSDigital Strategist & Account Executive