The Marketing Executive that never stops learning. Meet Ayrton.

Ayrton Galea has a special story to tell. He made a huge transition from general manager of a food and beverage company to Marketing Executive at AX Hotels, one of Malta’s top hospitality brands. His secret to get there and stay on top of his game? Non-stop learning at ICE Malta, without ever needing to take a break from his job. Find out his journey, step by step.

From general manager to marketing executive. Why did you make this move?

Throughout my career I have worked in different fields, but my aspiration to help brands level up their presence was always there. As a general manager, my duties and goals were far different from those of a Marketing Executive. I was managing the operational side of the business and I loved the company — but I was still eager to follow my passion. After 7 years, I decided it was time to change. So I gained the skills that would make me a strong talent in digital marketing. And it worked!

How did you design your career change? Which steps and courses did you take?

My goal was to be as all-rounded as possible. Since I love to learn, my list of skill goals was endless, so I decided to take things step by step. First, since I already had a graphic design background, I enrolled in ICE Malta’s Graphic Designer Associate course to strengthen my skills in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator.

Then, I took the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing to get a 360° understanding of how to effectively plan and implement powerful digital marketing campaigns. This was a game-changer for me because it gave me a complete view of digital marketing that I’d never had before! That was a boost to apply for jobs and land my new career.

Even after securing my job at AX, I took ICE Malta’s Video Editing and Website Designer Associate courses. Now I have a powerful mix of Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Website Design to help me in my career.

And now you’re a marketing executive working on some of Malta’s top brands. How’s that?

It is a privilege to work with experts in their respective sectors. Some of the brands I’m entrusted with have won MICHELIN awards. I take care of ideating and designing content for such brands, practising the skills I gained in Adobe and in different digital marketing channels, such as social media, email, display, and more. It’s an amazing experience.

Four courses with ICE Malta. What a record! How has your learning experience been?

Simply outstanding. The teaching level I experienced was super. My educators encouraged me to move forward and provided me with practical insights that I can still apply today. I didn’t just learn the theory. I learnt the hands-on skills that I would need in my job.

Online live learning made classes interesting and interactive while comfortable to follow from anywhere – so that I could strengthen my skillset without compromising my working hours.

It seems like you haven’t stopped here. What are your plans?

I’ve just enrolled in course number 5, the Professional Diploma in UX Design! It will help me design our landing pages and digital products better.

I also definitely see myself going for the DMI Expert in Digital Marketing course with postgraduate-level content to take the next step in levelling up — combining my love of learning with a great teaching experience.

What’s your message to talent who want to enter the world of digital marketing?

Be brave, learn the skills employers need, and you’ll get there! I never thought I would leave my previous job. Looking back, I encourage everyone to always take the step to go for something bigger and better that can challenge your comfort zone.

Ayrton had the courage to believe in himself and gain a powerful combination of digital skills to start the career he always wanted. His story is an inspirational reminder that solid learning can take you places. We can’t wait to welcome him in our upcoming UX class and wish him all the best for the future.


I didn’t just learn the theory. I learnt the hands-on skills that I would need in my job.

AYRTON GALEAMarketing Executive