The former Miss World Malta leveraging digital marketing for personal and professional growth. Meet Naomi.

On the one hand, Naomi Dingli is a Finance & Administration Executive for Rizzo Farrugia & Co; on the other, she is the former Miss World Malta, pageant superstar and proud representative of her country on the world stage. As she discovered when she enrolled for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, the beauty of digital skills is that they support her professional and personal lives in tandem. This is her story.

Between Miss World Malta and working in finance, what led you to study digital marketing?

I had just won Miss World Malta when I started considering the idea seriously. Some years ago I completed an Extended Diploma in Business at MCAST, which gave me a broad overview of business operations and included a brief introduction to traditional and digital marketing. Over the years, my work in HR, software, finance, and admin made me aware that digital really is central to everything, no matter the industry.

When I won the title, I realised that digital marketing would support my own personal work as well as my professional role. The fact that my partner and my family have their own businesses also encouraged me because I knew it would be great to help them when needed.

How was your study experience with ICE Malta?

I discovered ICE Malta when I was searching for courses online but the school came highly recommended by the daughter of one of my colleagues.

In actual fact I originally planned to do the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing on demand through self-study, but I eventually opted for the part-time classes. I’m so glad I did, because having the educator’s personal insights and live guidance added an extra layer of support that I’d otherwise have missed out on. Even just the commitment of sitting down to class twice a week helped me to keep on track with my learning and make consistent progress. Having everything online made it easy for me to continue with my full-time job and my busy schedule and also fit in hours to study and focus on the course.

What were your biggest takeaways from the course? Were there any particular modules that you enjoyed or found useful?

To be honest all the modules are interesting in their own way. It depends on the nature of your work how much you use them on a day-to-day basis, but I particularly enjoyed the email marketing module, and of course social media management is very useful for my personal promotion and modelling.

In the long run, it’s really nice to know that the entire experience has empowered me as an individual, giving me the option to support my partner’s business with digital marketing if or whenever he needs. It’s not a career-specific skillset; it’s something I can take with me and use pretty much anywhere, whether it’s for family businesses, for myself, or within my job.

What advice would you give to someone considering the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing?

I would definitely encourage them to take this course if you have a passion for the digital world, especially since nowadays everything around us revolves around the internet and digital marketing. ICE Malta offers multiple ways to take this course so it gives you the flexibility to choose whichever suits your schedule and learning style best.

Take it from the person juggling a modelling career and role in finance simultaneously: digital marketing is useful everywhere! We’re delighted to see Naomi empowering herself with in-demand skills that will open new doors for her in her personal and professional life.


“It’s not a career-specific skillset; it’s something I can take with me and use pretty much anywhere, whether it’s for family businesses, for myself, or within my job.”

NAOMI DINGLIFinance and Administration Executive