The digital marketer who levelled up in iGaming. Meet Keziah.

When she first set foot in iGaming, Affiliate Manager at Videoslots Keziah Nartey immediately saw the opportunities she could grab in a booming industry with such diverse talent. So she decided to up her game by enrolling in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and took all that knowledge to take the next step forward in her career. This is her story.

From retail to iGaming. What has your career journey been so far?

My career journey has been quite unexpected. When I started working within marketing, it was for the retail sector. I had no idea that I would end up working in iGaming but eventually I went for it – and have not looked back ever since. Working in marketing for different industries really helped me see how different customers react to the various platforms we have at our disposal, which made me even more interested in learning new insights.

Why did you enrol in the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing?
When I entered the iGaming sector, I instantly became part of a much larger marketing department, made of talented and inspirational people who specialise in a variety of marketing areas and channels. So after just over a year working as an Affiliate Operations Coordinator, I decided it was time to take my digital marketing knowledge to the next level – and to take my career forward with it.
How did the marketing skills gained at the course help you move forward in your career?
Oh, in many different ways. Since I was dealing with affiliates who use various methods to promote our brands, the course helped me understand more about their work and how that can benefit my work as a consequence. Then, by being able to see the full digital marketing picture I could think critically about the best techniques I should use depending on which products I am promoting in which regions. I also gained a better idea of which techniques I personally prefer. I would say that thanks to the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, I strengthened my knowledge from both a strategic and practical point of view – which was a great asset to help me make my career move to Affiliate Manager in a new company.
What did you like best about the online live study experience?

I found it comfortable to learn from home, there was no hassle with driving to class and risking not being on time after work. At the same time, lectures were very immersive and definitely had that “classroom” feel to it. Our lessons were all very informative and practical, we got real-life advice on the best tools for certain products, and on how to go about issues that we tend to face in real work environments.

What’s next for you?

I am very excited about the new step I’ve taken in my career as an Affiliate Manager. The skills I learnt from the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing helped me get here and I look forward to use them even more as I apply them to my new role.

What’s your message to talent who are looking to move forward in their career?
If you want to learn more and level up, just go for it! I had been thinking about applying for a while before I actually did. Choose a course where the study experience can make it easier to gain and apply the skills you need. I had a great experience with ICE, with a knowledgeable educator who made each and every class interesting, and the ICE Malta staff being extremely helpful with any queries from the day I applied until I got my certification.
We’re excited about what Keziah managed to achieve. Her story shows that you want to move to the top in your career journey, you can elevate your skills and stand out with all-in-one digital marketing learning to turn your into the right talent for the hottest industries. We can’t wait to see which new successes the future has in store for Keziah.


The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing was a great asset to help me make my career move to Affiliate Manager.

KEZIAH NARTEYAffiliate Manager