The Betssonite who learnt to code at ICE Malta. Meet Claire.

Another University grad visited ICE Malta for a career catch-up. Claire Gatt – Customer Insight Analyst at Betsson, is definitely one of 2018’s shining stars. Qualified in Maths & Statistics, this talented student was dying to get her hands dirty with code not just so she could apply her newfound skill-set to her present rewarding job but also to open new doors of opportunity. You see, ICE Malta Alumni have one thing in common – they never stop learning. Quite the contrary, the higher they climb the career ladder, the more time they invest in their learning. Here’s her story.

What did you love most about your ICE Malta Study Experience?
Nothing beats classroom learning. I was mentored by a top industry practitioner and I had the opportunity to network and learn with students who work for some great brands. The content of the course was inspiring, the course was practical, all students were given individual attention and each lesson was fun. Also, ICE Malta’s online student area was a perfect space for us to communicate with our educator during and even after the course. ICE Malta had been recommended to me by loads of my colleagues and friends so I knew it was the ICT Academy for me.
What are your career aspirations?
All major tech companies, including the iGaming industry, aggressively compete to hire gifted young coders. I am currently working as an analyst however, I love programming and during my study time at ICE Malta I realised it comes quite naturally to me. After completing my Java Foundations Course, I now aspire to become more involved in the programming world.
What do you like most about working at Betsson?
It’s a great place to work and an awesome space to grow. It’s a multicultural community of talented individuals who are all very passionate about their career, work hard and inspire each other to continue to develop and take our brands to the next level.
Finally, what is your message to students?
Learning can be fun, ICE Malta’s Study Experience proves that it really can. Set career goals, design a plan and keep yourself open to opportunities. Networking is key – the more people you meet the more inspired you’ll get. It takes a lot of hard work to craft a learning plan and juggle work and study time, however, the results are extremely rewarding.
Claire continues to future proof her career and we can’t wait to see what’s in the pipeline for this promising coder.

When you’re already working for a top brand
you don’t get comfy, you learn more and keep up.

CLAIRE GATTCustomer Insight Analyst

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