ICE Malta’s student sprints to digital success. Meet Simeon.

We say that the ICE Malta Study Experience is inspirational. We call it world-class because our students prove that it is. Our most rewarding moments are the ones when ICE Malta students achieve their career dreams so if you’re thinking of enrolling for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing EQF Level 5 study programme we’re certain that you will find yourself confirming your online enrolment after reading Simeon Kirilov’s story.

Simeon’s learning journey at ICE Malta started with his enrolment in the Graphic Design and Website Design courses. He quickly recognised the power of the ICE Malta Study Experience and enrolled for the Website Development course and the MySuccess Game Designer study programmes and later on confirmed his enrolment for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing study programme. The results he achieved have been outstanding. He scored career opportunities with some of the world’s largest fashion brands such as M&S and ALDO represented in Malta and North Africa by Retail International Group. Simeon has also mastered his passion for digital marketing, designs international digital driven campaigns which get the extraordinary results any company would dream of and the job satisfaction all of us want.

After practicing my digital marketing skills and passing my Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing exam, I increased Retail International Group’s online sales with 30%. – Simeon Kirilov.

These results are truly phenomenal however this doesn’t come as a surprise for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing study programme is designed and accredited by a Syllabus Advisory Council made up of brains from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Ogilvy & more and is the only study programme anyone who presently works in digital, aspires to work in marketing or wants to grasp the basic 21st century learning skills and remain relevant no matter which industry they represent, needs to enrol for.


In 2016 I joined the Deloitte Digital team and it’s an incredibly exciting experience. Imagine, I get to travel to so many amazing countries around the world and do what I love for living. Thanks to ICE Malta’s Study Experience I have the industry skills, worldwide recognised certifications and love for learning which has led me to the career I have always wanted. ICE Malta has transformed my career and is essential for anyone who wants to work for the world’s top companies.

SIMEON KIRILOVDigital Marketing Consultant, Deloitte Digital.

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The ICE Malta Study Experience continues to prove that it is the perfect balance of practical hands-on learning the industry skills which are required to drive businesses to new heights and the worldwide recognised certifications which will position you as the star candidate all major brands want to employ.

Enrolment for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is now open. Prospective students are invited to confirm their enrolment online here or may chat with our team and get answers to all their questions instantly. Alternatively, individuals may send an email to or call 21467787 to organize a one-to-one meeting with ICE Malta’s Student Relations Executive.