She’s now part of the Design team at Betsson. Meet Andrea.

Even whilst still studying at MCAST, Andrea Grech was eager to expand her learning horizons. Turning to ICE Malta, she enrolled for the Graphic Designer Associate Course to flesh out her industry credentials and make herself more job-ready. We were delighted to welcome her back for the Website Designer Associate course as she sought to enhance her skills even further, and even more pleased to see her hunger for learning as great as ever. This is her story.

What inspired you to enrol for the Graphic Designer Associate course on top of the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and Interactive Media at MCAST?

The course at MCAST gave a very broad overview of everything related to graphic design and interactive media, but I knew it would be useful to pick up some extra industry-focused skills before I started looking for employment. I was aware of ICE Malta’s part-time training options, and so I decided to enrol for the part-time Graphic Designer Associate course to complement my diploma. It was a great match because it rounded out my skillset using the Adobe Suite and gave me the confidence to start a new career.

As a graphic designer, what made you move on to the Website Designer Associate Course?

I considered following up my diploma with a BA, but I opted to take a year away from full-time learning to see if I could gain some work experience. Of course, it’s hard to step into the real industry when you’re a new designer, but what helped me make the leap was the knowledge that I could always access further education on a part-time basis with ICE Malta; I knew it would never be too late to enrol in another course!

As it happens, a few years down the line in my graphic design career, I realised that having basic web design skills would be very beneficial, so I returned to ICE Malta for the Website Designer Course. Designing and building web assets is a major part of my work so having even a basic understanding of code is a huge advantage from a creative standpoint.

You experienced both classroom and online-live learning at ICE Malta – how did they compare?

What stood out to me from the courses I have done at ICE was how enthusiastic the educators and staff were to help their students. During my first learning experience (in the classroom), I was struck by how unintimidating and relaxed the environment was. Everyone was treated as an adult and made to feel very welcome, no matter their level of knowledge, so it never felt like being in school.

My second experience was remote, but I found it just as fulfilling! The quality of the teaching was definitely not diminished through the online format, and if anything, it was even more comfortable. The school provided all kinds of online resources and fast responses when contacted, and it was so easy for me to join or catch up on classes without having to worry about things like traffic and parking.

In both cases, it was great to learn first-hand from professionals who are attuned to the needs of the industry – the learning experience feel very authentic and 100% relevant when it came to real-world application.

What does your current role entail? Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

As Graphic Designer at Betsson, I’m involved in the creation of promotional materials for our multitude of global online gaming brands. Every project I work on allows me to express my creativity, and that is an aspect I particularly enjoy.

I mostly draw inspiration from my creative and talented peers – I love learning new tricks from seeing others’ work, and it’s a great way to keep me striving to do better! When it comes to my freelance projects, I like to draw inspiration from platforms like Behance and Instagram, and even Youtube when I need help executing an idea.

What words of advice would you give to someone considering a new learning journey?

Never turn down new opportunities out of fear. It’s never too late to learn something new, whether it’s a skill you feel would help you or it’s to start a new hobby!

Learning doesn’t have to be a one-time thing; everyone chooses a slightly different journey, but those who benefit the most are those whose journeys never end! Andrea’s enthusiasm for self-improvement is truly inspiring, and a true example of the power of cross-skilling around or beyond your field. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her!


“I knew it would be useful to pick up some extra industry-focused skills before I started looking for employment. The Graphic Designer Associate course rounded out my skillset using the Adobe Suite and gave me the confidence to start a new career.”

ANDREA GRECHGraphic Designer