Shark Tank success shares her startup journey. Meet Donna.

Shark Tank participant Donna Cardona launched her business MyMama in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. An entrepreneur and mother of four, she managed to gain digital marketing skills thanks to Online Live learning to drive her startup’s success. So much so that only two years later, she caught the Sharks’ interest and secured a €120k investment which will take MyMama to the next level.

Congratulations on your success! How was MyMama born?

Thank you! MyMama offers expert consultations and services, courses & events to support families throughout pregnancy and parenthood. It was officially born in October 2020, but the idea had been in my mind since I became a first-time mum — 12 years ago — always wondering if I was doing things right and frantically searching for guidance.

When it was finally the ‘right time’ in my life to leave the security of a full-time job, I launched the brand online. Despite the pandemic, MyMama started gaining traction and became a thriving community.

Why did you take the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing in 2020?

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing was absolutely essential to starting my own business. It helped me launch MyMama successfully and totally online during COVID-19.

My educational background is in food technology, so with my business starting as a one-woman show I had to make sure that I had the skills to market my business for a successful launch and beyond. I couldn’t be happier that I gained them.

MyMama is growing fast. How has digital marketing helped you along the journey?

I loved that the course gave me a 360 understanding of digital marketing. I’d say email marketing and social media were the most crucial modules for me. Growing and nurturing our mailing list and social media following have been key in terms of reach and business growth, especially since in the first year we were operating exclusively online.

In the future, the skills I gained at the course will help me guide my digital marketing team, because I truly believe that as a business owner I should know the various aspects of operations inside out, while focusing on its growth.

How was your Online Live learning experience at ICE Malta?

I can say Online Live is exactly what enabled me to take the course in the first place. I had been eyeing the course for a couple of years, but once there was the Online Live option I jumped at the opportunity. I was able to follow classes from the comfort of my home office and I got my digital marketing certification while keeping up with family commitments. It was honestly a life saver. I really looked forward to each lesson and found it very easy to ask my educator as many questions as I wanted.

On top of the in-depth content provided, the course taught me how to build a relationship with my clients despite the setbacks of communicating through a screen – the energy during the lessons was amazing! What’s more, I learnt through my own experience that communicating effectively will help you reach your goals.

How was your experience at Shark Tank?

Shark Tank was one of the most rewarding — and stressful — things I’ve ever done! There was so much preparation happening before and behind the scenes, including filming and presenting my pitch. Knowing my numbers and my business inside out gave me that edge the Sharks were looking for.

So what’s next for your brand?

We started offering online services and courses during the pandemic. Now that I’ve secured Shark support, the plan is to expand our offering to physical services, courses and classes. We’re on the lookout for our new headquarters and things couldn’t be more exciting right now!

Why do startup owners need digital marketing skills?

Whichever business you may be running, you need to put yourself in your client’s shoes and communicate effectively across different media, be it your ads, website, emails or social media. Online is definitely here to stay, and as the line between the physical and virtual world becomes more blurry, digital marketing skills will give you the mindset and capability to get better results out of your efforts. It is crucial for entrepreneurs.

What’s your advice to budding start-uppers?

Starting a new business always involves a bit of a risk. To start off my concept, I saved up for a few years knowing that things in the beginning would be harder financially. So, my advice would be to take a calculated risk. But please, do your homework and TRY. If you don’t try, you’ll never know – and I’m definitely not one to enjoy living with what-ifs!

From a pandemic-proof start to an excellent Shark Tank achievement, Donna’s entrepreneurial story is a success in the making. Strong of her digital marketing skills, she managed to start & grow her online venture MyMama into a brilliant product and community. We wish her all the best & look forward to seeing her next business chapters.


The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing helped me launch MyMama successfully and totally online during COVID-19.