Progressing fast in the digital arena. Meet Ivan.
ICE Malta Alumni have the attitude of champions, they are determined, driven and motivated to achieve their career aspirations, exceed their own expectations and continue to climb the career ladder swiftly. They consider learning to be their secret weapon, they crave to be the first to master the skills the industry demands and they’re the first to enrol for study programmes which fit their career path. Fresh from completing Malta’s first Google AdWords Search 3-day bootcamp, Ivan Grima meets our team to share his aspirations and why we should all continue to invest in learning.
What did you love most about your ICE Malta Study Experience?
ICE Malta is a unique learning hub that has provided a platform for me to reach into a community of fellow digital marketeers as we all sharpen our skills to take on new challenges. The value gained, coupled with an inspiring learning experience, has truly provided me with an experience to cherish.
Why are international industry recognised certifications essential for career growth?
In a fast paced industry such as digital marketing, staying on top of the game is a must. With new techniques and tools surfacing on a regular basis, one must stay informed and certified in order to sustain credibility and performance.
Where are you working at the moment?
I’ve had the opportunity to work for BRND WGN, one of the island’s top creative agencies. Working side by side with exceptional colleagues, all experts in their respective field, has given me solid foundations and experience beyond value. Furthermore, I worked for clients, many of them major players, within a wide range of industries both locally and internationally. This has given me a deep insight of this digital discipline. I am excited and extremely motivated as my career is progressing fast and I am now moving on to other challenging opportunities in the digital landscape.
Your inspirational message to students.
Opportunities to shine are abundant, never stop learning.
Clearly Ivan is leaving his mark in the world of digital and showing top industry players that he has the skills, certifications and attitude of a true career high-flyer. We can’t wait to see where Ivan’s learning journey will take him next.

In a fast paced industry such as digital marketing,
staying on top of the game is a must! 

IVAN GRIMADigital Media Executive

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