Leaders are learners. Meet Christina.

Under 30 entrepreneur and General Manager of King Shoe Shops exclusive agents of the top brand ECCO Shoes, Christina Zammit La Rosa’s words are aligned to what some of the world’s biggest brands – companies such as Google, Apple and EY are saying.

Learning is the backbone of survival in any industry. It is not necessarily gaining one diploma / degree / masters after another, but rather – learning.
Non-traditional learning, that is gaining the industry skills and worldwide recognised certifications to keep up with the fast-moving world of ICT is the secret to success whether you’re an entrepreneur on a mission to score a great business win or you’re a career climber eager to move up fast. Here’s why Christina embarked on a custom designed ICE Malta learning experience.
Why was it important for you to master Photoshop and InDesign skills?
The importance arose out of necessity, I knew nothing about Photoshop or InDesign and when my marketing manager handed in his notice I decided to take the leap and invest in my own learning journey.
What did you love best about your ICE Malta Study Experience?
Firstly the fact that ICE Malta’s Academic Team tailor-made an Adobe course for one-to-one training was fantastic. I had the opportunity to pick and choose dates and times which fit into my busy schedule and select topics from the official course-ware which were most relevant to my business. Secondly, my assigned educator was wonderful, patient and extremely knowledgeable. We integrated real-world work examples during our hands-on training which made learning way more fun and effective.
Will your learning journey continue?
I do not think I will ever stop learning out of a passion for knowledge, and also because I believe that true entrepreneurs should not delegate tasks without first knowing what they entail; a basic know-how or understanding of all areas within a business is essential.
What’s your message to other young entrepreneurs?
Expose yourself to different fields and industries and learn what is going on around you in order to adapt and succeed.
Christina continues to inspire individuals to realize that book smarts don’t necessarily equal strong work ethic, grit and talent. Her motivation to continue to build her brand and leave a mark on the business world is strong and we’re so proud to call her an ICE Malta Alumni.

Real-world hands-on training is what makes learning fun & effective. Learning is the greatest investment entrepreneurs can make.


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