From unemployed to IT Specialist. The LPI Story

Mario Baldacchino – We were proud of him last year when we launched the ICE Malta – FACES Real Life Stories, and we’re proud of him yet again this year. Undoubtedly Mario is one of the island’s star stories and continues to impress, inspire and motivate prospective students who dream of embarking on a career in ICT.

‘I understand what individuals go through when they are unemployed, the struggles and challenges of being a factory worker – I worked in a factory for 14 years – and more than anything I know that job satisfaction is key. Deep down I always knew that if I put my mind to it I too could be an IT success. I’m not saying it’s easy – it took endless hours of study and it truly is challenging to find a work – study – family balance but if you are persistent you will manage. Thanks to the ICE Malta Study Experience I have achieved a collection of worldwide recognised certifications including Cisco’s CCNA Routing & Switching, Microsoft’s MCSA Windows Server Administrator 2012 and I am now working in the Data Centre of a leading IT company – Alert Group. Apart from being a wonderful experience I  know that the sky is the limit and I can continue to advance. I have now enroled for the prestigious Junior Level Linux LPI 1 and will continue to make the best investment I could ever make – an investment in my education.’ 


Here’s why we were proud of Mario last year.


Like Mario, here’s your chance to take charge and embark on your dream career. A worldwide recognised certification such as LPIC 1, will give you the skills and knowledge to position yourself as a star candidate for job opportunities which will give you the financial return and job satisfaction you’ve always wanted.


You could be the next success. Get in touch. We’ll explain how.
Never give up it`s never too late to learn and gain knowledge, don’t believe people who tell you that you’re not capable. Be persistent and you too will achieve your dream career– Mario Baldacchino