From student to software developer. Meet Zachary.
Awesome ICE Malta alumni are easy to spot. They have a sparkle in their eyes, their face lights up as they excitedly share their career aspirations and reveal their dream of transforming their passion into a profession. They are 100% committed to their learning journey and enrol for one course after another gaining the practical industry skills and worldwide recognised certifications which are crucial. They curiously question every theory that is presented to them and they dedicate endless hours to perfect their craft, climb the career ladder and make us proud.
Zachary Desira is a fine example of an awesome ICE Malta Alumni. A couple of months back, he was handpicked by KPMG Software as a Junior Software Developer. He started his adventure at ICE Malta by enrolling for the Cisco IT Essentials course and continued with the Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching course followed by the MySuccess Website Designer Associate study programme. Zachary continues to prove that versatility is crucial. While he has selected his preferred path he continues to explore a variety of code, creative and technical study programmes which position him as an excellent all-rounder and an essential addition to KPMG Software
What did you love most about the ICE Malta Study Experience?
I love ICE Malta’s learning space and the teaching style of the educators who are truly mentors constantly engaging and empowering students to learn.
Where are you working now?
I have been working as a Junior Software Developer at KPMG Software for a couple of months now and the journey has been an amazing one. Apart from recognising my talents, the KPMG Software team constantly support me and i’m proud to work for this prestigious international brand.
What are your career aspirations?
In the ICT world, the opportunities are endless. I strive to be one of the best software developers around and in the future I hope to head my own team and inspire them in the same way I am motivated today.
What is your message to students?
Nothing comes easy, success doesn’t happen overnight. It took me seven years of studies to get to where I am today. Apart from investing in my learning journey, I launched numerous projects which gave me precious insight regarding my selected path. Don’t let rejections stop you, believe in yourself, work hard and be positive because you have the potential to achieve your dreams. Working in the ICT world means that learning can never stop and that’s an amazing thing.
Zachary is climbing the career ladder all the way to the top and we’re so proud to support him throughout his learning journey.

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ZACHARY DESIRAJunior Software Developer, KPMG Software

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