From Sales Exec to Junior Full-Stack Developer in less than six months. Meet Alex.
It takes a special kind of bold and brave individual to take the plunge and make a career switch however, when this career-changing step is taken, the rewards are endless. Alex Portelli, walked into ICE Malta as a Sales Executive and has gained the practical industry skills and certifications to score a career as a Junior Full-Stack Developer with one of the island’s top tech brands, MCA title holder ‘Malta’s Best Tech Start-up’ – TheStudentCampus.
What did you love most about the ICE Malta Study Experience?
Website development has always fascinated me and the fact that thanks to ICE Malta’s Study Experience I managed to switch my career in less than six months is amazing. In particular I loved the support the ICE Malta team gives students both prior and post enrolment as well as during the course.
Where are you working now?
After successful completion of the MySuccess Website Designer Associate and MySuccess Website Developer courses, I was handpicked to join Malta’s MCA Tech company of the year winners TheStudentCampus, as a Junior Full-Stack Developer. Apart from working with a top industry player I have the opportunity to continue to climb the career ladder, invest in further learning and work with individuals who are designing and developing the tech supporting 21st century learning.
What is most exciting about the ICT world?
The ICT world is rapidly evolving, new technologies are launched constantly, it’s highly competitive and a very exhilarating industry to be a part of. In my case, being part of a dynamic tech team which is revolutionizing the world of learning is an incredible experience.
And finally, what is your message to students?
Thanks to your determination, effort and the ICE Malta Study Experience – you have all that it takes to make your career dreams come true. I scored a career in the industry I love in less than six months and you all can do the same.
We are certain that Alex’s story will inspire all prospective students who dream of getting paid for doing what they love. It goes without saying, we’re here when you’re ready to take the plunge and we can’t wait to support you throughout your learning journey.

I’ve been handpicked to work with Malta’s Best Tech Start-Up winners thanks to the ICE Malta Study Experience.

ALEX PORTELLIJunior Full-Stack Developer

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