Everyone needs to gain design skills. Te fit-Tazza’s co-founder explains why.

What started with a simple concept – that of intertwining fresh design with high quality, Maltese inspired prints is taking the islands by storm and we’re super proud to know that the design skills which Andrew, co-founder of Te fit-Tazza, gained during the Graphic Designer Associate Course at ICE Malta were a crucial part of this dynamic duo’s success. This is his story.

Why were design skills important for you to gain?
As a marketing freelancer, I had wanted to learn design skills so that I would be in a position to communicate effectively with design teams and understand their creative process to be able to achieve a successful strategy. In fact, my industry insight and design skills became vital when I co-founded ‘Te fit-Tazza’ with my partner Craig, who designed all the illustrations we have released so far. The skills I gained at ICE Malta allowed me to communicate better with Craig, understand his challenges, align our vision and create a platform for him to design and launch our brand.
What part of the ICE Malta study experience did you love the most?

From enrolling for my course to applying for funding, from attending classes to scheduling my exams, ICE Malta made sure that everything was straight forward and well organized – plus the team is helpful, friendly and very welcoming.

Why are design skills important irrespective of which career path you choose?
Everything we see around us has been designed and this is something we sometimes take for granted. When you have a basic understanding of design and the tools required for the job, you gain a new appreciation for the skill and start to understand that there is a process for creativity which should be considered and valued in every project. Many tend to assume that everything in the design is subjective to taste and that ideas come easy for designers. This isn’t always the case. Good design needs to be well thought out because ultimately one design can literally change how people interact with the product or full collection – one design can literally make or break your concept.
What is your message to students?
Just like digital marketing, design skills have become fundamental no matter which career path you choose. They’ll make you a better all-rounder, a stronger candidate for job opportunities and are crucial if you intend to launch your own business. Finally – I say – chase your dreams, commit to learning – the world needs your innovative project.
One thing is for sure – we’re predicting big wins for this creative alumni. ‘Te fit-tazza’ is quickly becoming one of Malta’s most loved brands and we’re extremely enthusiastic to see what this team will launch next.

From enrolling to applying for funding and scheduling my exam, ICE Malta made it all super easy.


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