The Team at ICE are proud to announce the launch of this year’s Summer Courses full of interesting courses for all ages and technical professions. This reflects the institute’s innovative, forward-thinking approach to education and learning for future ICT professionals.  Student’s satisfaction has always been our main goal and hence our team will work hard to ensure that your experience is exciting, fun and memorable.

Our classes are small, friendly and interactive and the list of courses chosen reflects diverse subject interests catering for students with different levels of background knowledge, as well as for their intrinsic appeal. Many classes are of an introductory nature and require no prior study.

Whatever your reason for studying at ICE this summer, our new premises and fully equipped labs are the ideal setting to stimulate the learning process and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow students, often forming the basis for lasting friendships.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Summer Courses and hope your experience will be rewarding, constructive and most importantly, enjoyable.

The ICE Team