The industry’s choice of worldwide recognised certifications for 2017.

Just weeks ago, ICE Malta’s Academic Team published international statistics to give individuals from all career paths the opportunity to master their learning plan for 2017. To date, hundreds of students have met our Admissions Team and confirmed which worldwide recognised study programme fits their career aspirations, identified the skills which will keep them at par…

unlock your potential microsoft

Unlock your payrise potential. Microsoft rules

So you’ve been working in the ICT arena for a couple of years now. You’ve heard (through the grapevine) that the management is discussing a new ICT vacancy which is right up your alley. An IT Manager for a subsidiary company, who will be entrusted to handle the ICT strategy and development of the whole…


Get Qualified Funding for new collection of Microsoft study programmes announced

The Get Qualified Funding Scheme administered by Malta Enterprise has confirmed supporting a number of newly launched Microsoft certifications starting in ICE Malta’s PARTTIME and DAYTIME Semesters. Prospective students interested to enrol for MCSA Windows 7, MCSE Business Intelligence and MCSE Server Infrastructure will now benefit from 70% of the course fees back (tax credit)…

ICE Malta briefing session

‘Why the industry needs Microsoft Certifications’ Briefing Session announced

The ICE Malta Academic Team will be hosting a series of Briefing Sessions dedicated to all worldwide recognised study programmes starting in the PARTTime and DAYTime February 2015 Semester. Briefing Sessions are designed to give prospective students the opportunity to learn more about their preferred study programme leading to the career they aspire to achieve, keep…

DayTimetable – FB2

Your CV needs a Microsoft certification. Here’s why.

The ICE Malta DAYTIME study programmes include some of the most significant Microsoft certifications including Microsoft Project 2013, MCSA Windows Server 2012, MCSA SQL Server 2012, MCSA Windows 7, MCSE Server Infrastructure, MCSE Business Intelligence amongst other prestigious certifications such as ECDL Advanced Excel and Malta’s only EQF Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing study programme amongst other prestigious…

Technical – Summer 2014

The MCSA Windows Server 2012 Briefing Session hosted by ICE Malta

The ICE Malta Summer 2014 Semester wouldn’t be complete without one of the most prestigious and requested Microsoft study programmes – MCSA Windows Server 2012. The ICE Malta Academic Team will be hosting the MCSA Windows Server 2012 Briefing Session on Tuesday 5th August 2014 at 7.00pm The study programme which is highly recommended by…

Technical study paths

ICT certifications that will deliver high pay in 2016.

The tech industry has been going strong, and is expected to continue to grow for next year as IT unemployment shrinks even further, salaries inch higher, and increased technology initiatives create exciting career opportunities.  Latest global reports show that salaries for tech positions will continue to increase steadily in 2016 and that Cisco, Microsoft and Linux are the…

the lpi story

From unemployed to IT Specialist. The LPI Story

Mario Baldacchino – We were proud of him last year when we launched the ICE Malta – FACES Real Life Stories, and we’re proud of him yet again this year. Undoubtedly Mario is one of the island’s star stories and continues to impress, inspire and motivate prospective students who dream of embarking on a career in…


A guaranteed start to your selected DAYTIME study programme

The ICE Malta team has launched an exclusive campaign guaranteeing that all DAYTIME Study Programmes scheduled to start in the Day Timetable will not be postponed to future semesters. ‘During these last academic years we have built strong relations with the majority of local companies and we were surprised to see that while many of…

DayTime for FB

DAYTIME study programmes supported by the TAF2 Scheme launched

Local and international businesses based in the Maltese islands now have the opportunity to enrol their employees for any of the ICE Malta DAYTIME study programmes HERE held between January and June 2015 and benefit from up to 70% of their course fees back thanks to the TAF Scheme (TAF Leaflet) which has been designed to make…