Shildon Pace_Alumni_Rec

The journey from Sales & Admin to Design. Meet Shildon.

Graphic Designer Shildon Pace reignited his spark for design by enrolling in the Graphic Designer Associate course. First, he learnt essential skills to create great designs with the most popular Adobe Suite tools. Then, he wowed the team at marketing agency Bullshark with his stunning portfolio work and scored his first design job. This is his story. A…

Brendon Thearle_Rec

Why talent working in the Arts Sector need to gain design skills. Meet Brendon.

Brendon Joseph Thearle is the co-founder of a theatre collective and is also heavily involved in videography and marketing. He is a very vibrant talent who enrolled for the Graphic Designer Associate Course so that he could learn how to use Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign to be able to independently produce great design work. This…

Kayne Said_Rect

The skills to gain to become unstoppable. Meet Kayne.

When COVID-19 hit Kayne Said ended up in between jobs. Instead of going into panic mode he dove into online live learning and enrolled in the Graphic Designer Associate course. His strategy was to level up with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator skills which would be useful no matter what his next career step would be.…


💥 Casumo partners up with ICE Malta for this Summer’s Teens Courses.

  Award-winning global brand Casumo has confirmed its participation in this year’s Teens Discovery Design & Code Online Live courses for young talent between the ages of 13 and 17. During both programmes, students will gain essential industry skills, start building their portfolio, have the opportunity to achieve an EQF/MQF Level 5 certificate and get…

Luana Esposito_Rect

The NOC Engineer with design skills. Meet Luana.

Play’n GO’s NOC Engineer Luana Esposito enrolled for the Graphic Designer Associate course and the Website Designer Associate study programme because she wanted to fuel her creativity and learn by her own rules. She continues to prove that whether you’re gaining skills for career progression or for your own personal development, learning can be a game-changer.…


Code & Design Summer Camps for Teens Aged 13-17

Jump on the design and/or code learning path for a jam-packed Summer full of fun practical learning, awesome challenges & an exclusive back-stage pass to top brand Casumo. THIS SUMMER LEARN HOW TOCode in Python or Become a Content CreatorJump on the design and/or code learning path for a jam-packed Summer full of fun practical…

Teens Summer Courses-Rect

🚀 Code & Design Summer Camps for Teens Aged 13-17

You want the best for your teen. This is it. Together with local & international top brands we’ve built the exclusive Teens Discovery Series to help young minds gain code & design skills which are vital for all career paths across all industries. SUMMER 2022 PROGRAMMESWorld-class tech education for Teens aged 13-17.We’ve built the exclusive…


Career | Senior Designer at ICE Malta

We’re looking for a special someone who can scale our brand to the next level. As a Senior Designer on the brand team, you’ll create innovative designs that bring our brand to life and tell a persuasive story. You will be responsible for crafting marketing assets, designing course/product deliverables, co-teach our Graphic Design programs and…