ICE Malta directors nominated Young Entrepreneurs 2013

The ICE Malta team, students, tutors and corporate partners, congratulate ICE Malta directors Matthew Sammut and James Abela on their recent nomination for Malta’s Young Entrepreneur Awards 2013. 

In a call issued earlier on this year, John Formosa, Director of Network Publications and Publisher of The Economic Update and Sunday Circle said “We are looking for individuals who have the ability to ignite ideas, to innovate, to drive a business along the difficult journey from start-up to market leadership, and ultimately, inspire others with their achievements and success.” Mr Sammut and Mr Abela accepted to be a part of this prestigious awards ceremony on the condition that they would be considered as one candidate rather than two individuals.

 ‘James and I have been friends since our University years and have built both of our companies together. We have different strengths and therefore focus on different areas of the business – James dedicating his time to the financial and business development side of the companies while in my case I have a hands on approach on the creative brand identity and corporate relations of NIU Ltd and ICE Malta. Bringing together different talents and skills in a true collaboration is what makes our partnership successful. Together with our teams, we have a three year plan for both entities and will continue to strive to position our brand names as leaders in their respective industries’ Matthew Sammut, explained.

Readers of The Economic Update will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred nominee online and this vote will account for 50% of the total vote. The balance will then be fulfilled via a panel of acclaimed judges, renown celebrities and distinguished individuals from the local business community.

‘Strategy, innovation and diversification are the golden rules to achieving business success not only in Malta but also on an international basis. We are proud of our milestones to date and will continue to work close to our dedicated and dynamic team to achieve further success’ James Abela concluded.  

More news, updates and interviews will be published on ICE Malta  social media pages in the coming weeks.