ICE Malta’s Christmas Giveaway winners announced

It’s official!  The Shake With Me results are out and ICE Malta has now announced Malta’s top three 2012 shakers!  Chris Spiteri, Claire Gauci and Leonard Callus have been declared our top three Shakers for ICE Malta’s Christmas Giveaway in collaboration with Vodafone.

‘We wanted our first Christmas giveaway competition to showcase Malta’s talent in the IT industry and hence embarked on a joint collaboration with the creators of Shake with Me to use their award winning game as our exclusive competition. Vodafone’s support has made our competition an even greater success. We look forward to more innovative competitions during 2013 and meeting so many previous and new ICE Malta students during the February 2013 Semester ‘ Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta’s principal explained. 

This is what our winners had to say as soon as they received the news! 

First Prize Winner – Chris Spiteri, winner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and 100euro ICE Malta voucher

“Shake with me” is a great and original concept, having fun with friends and also people you don’t even know! A bit hard on the hands but definitely worth it! I played it mostly at home trying to break a record after another. Download the app and shake! :)’ 

Second Prize Winner – Claire Gauci, winner of the mini iPad

‘Shake with me is a cool and challenging game. Enjoyed playing it and trying harder to do faster shakes each times. Must say I used to get tired shaking sometimes 🙂 but you get used to it more everytime you play it. Used to play it at home. Played it against some of my facebook friends like Ruth and Adrian and also against new people. Your competition was simply awesome and a great challenge. Never imagined I was going to get a high score and come second place. Many facebook users like to join these type of competitions for fun and also to try their luck and win a great prize like I did. Well done and keep it up!!’

Third Prize Winner – Leonard Callus, winner of a 200euro ICE Malta voucher

I really liked the game as I never encountered such an innovative competition! It didn’t only serve as a pastime but also as exercise for my shoulders which after so many days of shaking they became sore and painful Overall, the competition was very interesting and innovative and wish to see more of such competitions in the near future!