Why employers and employees love Bootcamps – DAYTIME study programmes launched

The ICE Malta DAYTIME study programmes includes some of the most prestigious industry designed certifications and gives businesses the opportunity to send their teams for ICT training and benefit from up to 70% of their training fees back thanks to the TAF2 Scheme (TAF2 Leaflet)

One of ICE Malta’s most popular delivery styles is the bootcamp format where students attend DAYTIME classes between Wednesday and a Tuesday (over a four or five day time span). This accelerated learning delivery method is ideal for employees who are not able to leave their workplace for long periods of time and is preferred by employers because students do not leave their work place for one whole week. Open Class bootcamps attract students representing different fields and this makes the study experience more enriching as examples and case studies of a variety of industries are shared.

ICE Malta’s DAYTIME study programmes include the prestigious EQF Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing, ECDL Advanced Excel and Microsoft Project 2013 bootcamp. Students get to immerse themselves in their selected study programme and will be inspired and motivated to complete their preferred worldwide recognised study programme over a maximum of five days. Early enrolment for all DAYTIME Study Programmes is recommended while applications for the TAF2 Scheme must be submitted by the 16th of January 2015.

Companies who are interested in enroling them employees for any of the ICE Malta DAYTIME courses are requested to call ICE Malta’s Corporate Training division on Tel: 21467787 or send an email to info@icemalta.com

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