Want to master digital marketing? Be our guest.

Enrolment for Malta’s EQF Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing PARTTIME study programme is now open. A maximum amount of 18 students will be accepted for this study programme starting on Tuesday 4th August 2015. Students have the opportunity to benefit from 70% of their course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme. Full course details may be viewed here.

‘We’re proud to welcome some of the island’s most notable companies and brands for one of Malta’s fastest growing study programmes. The EQF Level 5 international certificate gives all students the opportunity to learn digital marketing tricks and techniques from industry practitioners. To date students representing various industries such as retail, leisure, travel, IT, telecommunications, lifestyle, property, advertising agencies, pr firms, importers, wineries, shopping complexes, hotels enroled for Malta’s EQF Level 5 Diploma in Digital Marketing study programme and we’re eager to welcome more students to ICE Malta’ Geoffrey Caruana ICE Malta’s General Manager commented. 

The ICE Malta Academic Team will be hosting a Briefing Session on Tuesday 14th July 2015 at 6.30pm and will be giving a course overview, sharing details regarding funding and reasons why ICE Malta students are handpicked for career opportunities. Registration for this complimentary session may be completed here

This international certificate is an essential study programme for anyone who wants to master digital marketing. Thanks to ICE Malta here’s your chance to make your very own #SummerTimeSuccess