Get your dream marketing job. Here’s the study programme for you.

Thinking of enroling for the Digital Marketing study programme starting on the 13th of November 2014? Well, we’ve got news for you.

Recruitment Agencies and leading companies and brands are not only sending their marketing teams for this prestigious study programme but are also on a constant look out to find new talent who have completed both the full time and part time classes.

Robert Delia, a recognised human resources specialist with over 20 years’ direct working experience in different industries – currently works within CSB Group as an HR and Training Consultant, and also Heads the Group’s established recruitment agency He explains ‘As from the beginning of the 21st century it was clear that technology would become an integral part of every person’s job, irrespective of the professional field that such person would be working within. Sales and marketing professionals are no exception to this rule and in today’s competitive industries, an effective marketer is one who is able to present products and/or services not only verbally, but more importantly visually. As technology has enabled us to take decisions faster, management now expects to have an image attached to any proposal, as this significantly helps the decision-making process. A Digital Marketing certification helps modern marketers acquire the skills to transform a product or service’s promise into a visual image, hence enabling marketers to be more successful in their work and eventually save time for the organisation – hence adding significant value. Organisations are hence interested in meeting marketers who are not only able to represent their organisation’s service offering, but can also provide a tangible portfolio highlighting their achievements in digital marketing’

Enrolment for the Digital Marketing Study Programme is now open. For more information students are requested to get in touch with the ICE Malta Admissions team on email address: or Telephone Number 21467787

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