Want a career in the Games Industry? Then this is the Briefing Session for you.

As part of the October 2014 Semester campaign, ICE Malta is hosting a series of Briefing Sessions designed to ensure that prospective student select study programmes which lead to their career aspirations. During the Briefing Sessions students have the opportunity to learn more about ICE Malta’s unique study experience, study paths and prospective careers they will considered for after successful course completion.

The next Briefing Session ‘Want a career in the Games Industry‘ will be held on Tuesday 30th September 2014 at 6.30pm. During the thirty minute interactive presentation, prospective students will have the opportunity to get a complete overview of Maya, Game Development with Unity and the MySuccess Game Designer study programmes – worldwide recognised study programmes starting this October 2014.

Prospective students are invited to complete the registration form below. If dates and times are not ideal students are requested to send an email to info@icemalta.com with their preferred meeting date and time or call the ICE Malta Admissions Team on 21467787.