Study at ICE Malta and get 75% of your course fee back!

As part of ICE Malta’s continual work to ensure the highest level of ICT education under the guidance of Malta’s dedicated and qualified tutors with the latest technology in a ‘small classroom’ style educational environment, ICE Malta is constantly working with official entities such as Malta Enterprise and  ETC to ensure that students are kept up to date with all funding schemes launched giving students the chance to invest in ICT Education at minimal links.

‘We are committed to encourage students to continue to invest in their ICT knowledge and strengthen their CV to ensure that they have ample opportunities to kick of their dream career. Of course we understand that while an investment in knowledge is priceless, individuals all have financial commitments and sometimes investment in further training is not always given the priority it deserves. Following successful results from the Get Qualified scheme by Malta Enterprise, which we are constantly suggesting to our students, we are now proud to announce that all April Semester courses (Excluding courses which are already part of the Get Qualified Scheme) qualify for the TSS funding scheme by ETC’ Nikolai Sammut, principal of ICE Malta confirmed.

Individuals from the following categories:

  • unemployed
  • self-employed
  • employed in non public undertakings with 10 employees or less
  • persons aged 40+ irrespective of their employment status
  • persons earning less than 10,000euros gross wages per year
  • those employed with registered NGOs
  • or those employed with local councils

may be entitled to receive 75% of their course fees back upon successful course competition thanks to this funding initiative. To give an example, a course which normally costs 300euros now costs 75euros only thanks to this scheme. To qualify, students should fill in an application form, book their preferred course in advance and register for this scheme at ETC 15 working days prior to the start of this course. More information and application forms may be found here 

We encourage students to take advantage of this scheme and other similar initiatives launched, as they are a great opportunity for students to achieve world wide recognized certifications in the best possible study environment at a minimal price’. Nikolai Sammut concluded.