Thousands of students want to be ICE Malta students. Here’s why

You’re eager to score your dream career, you’re eyeing to get a promotion, you want a pay rise or you’re thinking of changing your job – ICE Malta is the school for you.  Here are a couple of reasons why we’re the leading institute in the Maltese islands.

Commitment to quality

ICE Malta is committed to quality – the institute in the heart of the Mediterranean, ensures that students enjoy a unique study experience. You might say well all schools in Malta including STC, Computer Domain, TCTC, PwC, Clear Dimensions, St Martin’s and so many more promise a great study experience. Well ICE Malta doesn’t just promise – we’re the only ICT school in the Maltese islands to achieve the international ISO 9001: 2008 certification which shows our commitment to quality.

We’re focused

ICE Malta was founded four years ago and we’ve been focused on ICT Training ever since. While we continue to welcome a record amount of students semester after semester, we’re the only school in the Maltese islands to focus entirely on ICT. While other schools such as STC, St Martin’s (affiliates of University of London), Computer Domain, Clear Dimensions, PwC, TCTC have introduced study programmes for careers in Law, Business, Management & Nursing, we’ve launched Creative, Code, Technical & Productivity study paths all leading to I.T Careers.

Diverse collection of educational partners 

When it comes to I.T the world’s most prestigious educational partners choose ICE Malta so the school isn’t just a leading institute in the Maltese islands and Cisco’s Regional Academy, but we’re in Europe’s top ten I.T schools offering a diverse range of IT courses and worldwide recognised certifications. Other schools such as STC, St Martin’s, Computer Domain, Clear Dimensions, PwC & TCTC represent just a couple of educational partners.

We compliment we don’t compete

We’re renowned as the only school in the Maltese islands to compliment University and MCAST – we don’t compete. ICE Malta worldwide recognised certifications focus on practical hands on IT Training – they are industry designed study programmes the industry wants talent to achieve so the ICE Malta Admissions team will encourage you to strengthen your CV, achieve certifications and invest in yourself.

Our students don’t just participate in competitions. They win

Every year our Academic Team launch a series of local and international competitions and we open our doors and also encourage students who are studying at other educational entities such as Computer Domain, STC, MCAST, TCTC, PwC, St Martin’s, Clear Dimensions to participate. ICE Malta students not only win national championships but compete worldwide and win. ICE Malta is the proud host institute for Cisco NetRiders, Malta’s Creative Student Showcase and Malta’s national code and creative competition nextcreatives.

Clearly, ICE Malta is the school for you. ICE Malta has now launched the PARTTIME & DAYTIME February 2015 Semester timetables for worldwide recognised study programmes by Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Microsoft, LPI & The Digital Marketing Institute.