The February 2014 Semester now launched
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The Institute of Computer Education, Malta (ICE Malta) has launched the institute’s first semester timetable for 2014 which includes worldwide recognized certifications by the institute’s educational partners including Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Microsoft and the latest educational partner LPI. Linux Professional Institute’s Regional Enablement Initiative’ focuses on identifying the best partner organisations and educational institutes in regions around the globe that are best suited for the task of promoting Linux Professionalism and we are very proud to be selected by this educational brand to deliver Linux courses in the Maltese islands. Another addition to our prestigious list of educational partners’ Nikolai Sammut, director of ICE Malta explained

This scholastic term was also selected for the launch of the institute’s newly designed website which includes ICE Malta’s new branding as well as a number of unique and innovative tools including a funding calculator, a convince your boss letter and a number of other features which will continue to give website visitors an online experience in line with the study experience offered at the institute. The website features the institute’s latest news, updates and competitions, details of initiatives and campaigns launched for each academic term, course content as well as a chat function giving individuals the chance to communicate in real time with the ICE Malta Admissions team. ‘The new website features a new homepage design, cleaner layout of page content, and an intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system. It is also accessible through a wider range of web browsers and devices, including mobiles and tablets, and has been designed to meet all relevant accessibility standards. We consider this to be the quality benchmark of what any leading ICT institute should have and we are committed to ensure that we give ICT enthusiasts the possibility of embarking on ICT study paths which will continue to position our islands as a true hub of ICT excellence’ Mr Sammut continued

This term, the institute launched Malta’s first pre-enrolment campaign giving prospective students the opportunity to pre-enrol for the February 2014 semester and register to be ICE Malta High Priority students ‘While the institute continues to grow at a steady yet rapid pace, we are completely focused on keeping students at the heart of our institute and will not for no reason whatsoever, compromise our unique study experience which includes our small classroom philosophy. A maximum of 16students per class gives students one to one attention and practical experience in class which we believe are extremely essential and is part of the reason why our students achieve exceptional academic results. Unfortunately a substantial amount of students do not always manage to enrol in time and end up missing their chance of joining us for their selected course during their preferred semester therefore we decided to launch a pre-enrolment period which gives prospective students the chance to be the first to get to know course dates and details.While pre-enrolment for the February 2014 semester is now closed, the institute has launched pre-enrolment for April, June & October 2014 semesters. We encourage prospective students to take advantage of this innovative enrolment opportunity’ Mr Sammut continued..

Every semester, the institute’s creative team design and implement a marketing campaign which includes social media, radio, print material, a series of events and CSR initiatives as well as a tagline to complement the ‘ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead’ slogan and is created to celebrate the academic term and inspire students to invest in their personal educational growth. For the February 2014 semester, the ICE Malta team have chosen ‘DREAM. ACHIEVE. SUCCEED’ as a title to their campaign while will be hosting a second edition of the highly awaited Design my Career week which will give prospective students, parents and ICT enthusiasts the opportunity to visit the institute, meet the educators and team, tour the computer labs and design a unique study path based on their career aspirations.

More news and updates will be shared on the institute’s website and social media channels.

The February 2014 semester may be viewed HERE

ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead.