ICE Malta buses now launched

As part of the Summer 2013 Semester celebrations, the ICE Malta team have now launched an innovative feature in the unique study experience they offer students joining the institute for further ICT training. This year, the ‘Summer Semester 2013 Study Experience’ gives students the possibility of traveling to their lesson in style, on an ICE Bus!

‘This semester, is by far one of the most intensive ever launched and  includes more than 40 morning, afternoon and evening courses, for ICT students of all ages, starting from as young as 9years old. We’re proud to have on board some of our island’s finest tutors and mentors, who are not only highly qualified and skilled, yet who also have the passion to teach and share their knowledge. In the coming weeks we will be launching some exceptional opportunities for our technical and creative students, while we continue to promote the importance of a small class room philosophy, practical experience, the use of the latest technology in what we consider to be a very welcoming environment’ Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta director explained. ‘Of course, our study experience would not be complete without our newly launched transport service giving our students the possibility of coming to their lessons and going back home in the comfort of one of our state of the art air conditioned vans. The ICE Malta transport system is available at a subsidized rate of 2euros per lesson and will ensure that students are picked up and taken back infront of their door and not from a central general pick up point. This will give parents of younger students the peace of mind knowing that their children are safe. Furthermore, the transport system is available for all localities in Malta for morning and afternoon sessions’ Mr Sammut concluded

The admissions team are presently working on schedules and routes to ensure that all students interested in the transport service are booked and have a guaranteed seat throughout the complete Summer course. Individuals who have enrolled at ICE Malta or are planning to book an ICT course for the Summer months should contact ICE Malta at their earliest convenience to ensure that they benefit from the ICE Malta transport feature. 

So this year, add ICE to your Summer and don’t forget to book your ticket for the ICE Bus! 

ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead