Study ICT in the Maltese islands. Here’s why ICE Malta is the school for you.

So you’re thinking of studying in the Maltese islands. We’ll you’re on the right track. This European Union member in the heart of the Med is renowned for the high quality of education and the continuous investment by the public and private sector in life-long learning.

There are a number of schools to consider in the Maltese islands. Some schools like STC have been around for a while and have not yet managed to reinvent themselves – their  1980s style of teaching seems to work for them and since the introduction of Middlesex Campus in Malta they have comfortably positioned themselves as the ‘old timers’ in education offering home grown courses and just a few internationally recognised certifications. Others like St Martin’s (affiliates of the University of London) are no longer focused exclusively on IT and are now offering Business and Finance as well as Law study programmes. Same goes for PwC (who recently took over LearnKey) which offers a variety of short courses yet gives no particular focus to IT Training leading to career advancements and is not considered to be a specialized IT school. Smaller training centres like Computer Domain and TCTC are focused on basic ECDL Training while schools like Clear Dimensions have shifted their focus and investment to Dubai.

If you’re really considering on embarking on a study programme leading to your dream Code, Creative and Technical careers there’s really only one school in the Maltese islands that will beat your expectations – ICE Malta. The Institute of Computer Education (Malta) is considered to one of the top 5 schools in Europe and is the only ISO 9001:2008 ICT institute in the Maltese islands representing Adobe, Cisco, Autodesk, Microsoft, LPI, The Digital Marketing Institute and so many more prestigious worldwide recognised educational partners. It’s the school renowned for IT training, celebrated for designing study paths leading to careers in IT and ensuring that local and international talent are given the skills and practical hands on experience to position themselves as top candidates for IT vacancies.

Thanks to ICE Malta’s small classroom philosophy, limiting each class to a maximum of 16 students per study programme, all ICE Malta students enjoy one to one attention & practical hands on experience in class. Students are encouraged to participate in local and international competitions, are given access to an online student area and are mentored by some of the industry practitioners who have a passion to teach. The majority of students’ enroled at the University of Malta, MCAST and other international universities in Europe, strengthen their CV by enroling for ICE Malta worldwide recognised study programmes, while individuals who are already working keep themselves competitive by achieving an ICE Malta worldwide recognised certificate. Be it Code, Creative, Technical or Productivity, ICE Malta internationally acclaimed MySuccess career paths are accredited by EQF (European Qualifications Framework) and are the certifications the industry needs talent to achieve.

So if you’re really considering study in the Maltese islands for either a five day intensive bootcamp, an accelerated learning DAYTIME programme or a PARTTIME course, get in touch with the ICE Malta Admissions team and they’ll guide you through the complete Admissions process and welcome you to the Maltese islands.

ICE Malta, keeping you one step ahead.