ICE Malta confirms a second sports sponsorship for 2013
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As part of ICE Malta’s corporate social responsibility policy, the institute has confirmed their second sports sponsorship forming part of their marketing strategy for the 2013/2014 scholastic year. ICE Malta has now secured the 2013/2014 sponsorship of the Hi-Impact Table Tennis Academy (HITT Malta), a new initiative that aims to provide the best table tennis coaching possible to students of all ages, and will also offer the opportunity for participation in local and foreign table tennis competitions, training camps and workshops.

‘We kicked off the April semester launch with our sponsorship of the Malta – Switzerland World Cup Rugby Qualifier match. Apart from showing our financial support, we also assisted in the marketing of the match as well as sponsored the first ever photo-booth promotion during a sports activity on the Maltese islands. Part of the philosophy we share with our students, tutors, partners and social media followers is ‘Study. Unwind. Repeat’ and we therefore feel that we are obliged to encourage our students to lead a balanced lifestyle and incorporate sports in their busy educational schedule. Extra curriculum activities such as sports and the arts, not only ensure that students have a more healthy lifestyle yet inspire creativity‘ Nikolai Sammut, principal of ICE Malta explained.

‘While all sports offers a great amount of advantages to individuals participating, it’s always of great interest to research the sports organizations we chose to support and give meaning to our sponsorship’ In his publication “Making a Good Brain Great”, Clinical neuroscientist and psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen states that playing table tennis can increase brain activity. In his book, Amen calls table tennis the best brain sport. It improves hand-eye coordination, it’s aerobic, uses both upper and lower body, and causes you to use many different areas of the brain to function. In an article entitled, “Stupidity and the brain”, Dr. Amen says, “Golf is good. Tennis is terrific. Table tennis is the best sport in the world!”. ‘During the coming months we will continue to design joint marketing campaigns with this committed association and hopefully encourage a number of our students and social media followers to incorporate sports in their lifestyle’. Nikolai Sammut concluded. More information about Hi-Impact Table Tennis Academy may be found HERE.

ICE Malta, proud to be the official sponsors of Malta’s Hi-Impact Table Tennis Academy.


Hi Impact Table Tennis Academy – ICE Malta sponsorship