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Enrolment for the EQF Level 5 Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing 5 day bootcamp is now open. This course continues to be one of the most relevant and in-demand study programmes available in the Maltese islands and for this reason, early online enrolment is recommended.

Three years ago we identified that digital is going to become a mandatory skill-set and today, there is literally no industry on the planet that doesn’t need their team to have digital expertise. Individuals from all career paths, from all walks of life, whether they are launching, accelerating or changing their career need to achieve this crucial certification because digital skills have become the new benchmark for learning, they’re the new rules of the game, this study programme is a the first-class ticket to success. – Nikolai Sammut, ICE Malta Co-Founder.

Students who enrol for the intensive five day bootcamp will learn the essential tricks & techniques to design data driven digital strategies and engaging campaigns and will achieve a worldwide recognised EQF Level 5 certification which proves that they have mastered the digital skills which are in-demand.

Are you digital ready?Become a proud and successful digital marketing
professional and witness unlimited possibilities.

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