What’s going through your head & how to avoid regrets

We’ve been a part of the educational arena for years and years. We know what’s going through your head. We wouldn’t want you to have any regrets so spare a minute or two to go through these scenarios. No need to tell us if we’re right. Just finalize your enrolment online or visit the institute, meet the team and complete your enrolment in person.

‘I’ve just finished my exams. I need a break’

True. You do need a break but come on – is a two/three hour class once a week that stressful? We encourage you to study what you love so you’ll actually enjoy your study experience at ICE Malta. You’ll meet students who like you have a passion for code, creative, technical or games, you’ll learn loads and achieve a worldwide recognised certification.

‘Why study in Summer when you can study in October?’

Mornings at ICE Malta, Afternoons at the beach – we came up with this slogan because we love Summer too!  Use your Summer wisely – that’s what most of your friends are doing. Achieve a worldwide recognised certification during the Summer months and guaranteed you’ll be one of the high fliers in October. Practical hands on experience in class is what you need. Your time is now.

‘I’m a graduate – don’t need certifications’.

That might have been true years ago but it’s sure not the case anymore! It’s a competitive world and why there are fantastic opportunities out there, your CV and portfolio are your showcase. Worldwide recognised certifications they industry wants, and needs will get you the interview and career you’ve been dreaming on.

‘My children need a break – I don’t want to pressure them even more’.

Study programmes for children at ICE Malta have been designed carefully. Our Robotics & Game Development with Kodu courses are fun learning! Children get to learn more about the behind the scenes of designing & development games and will get their Robot to move anyway they programme it. They have so much fun they don’t even realize they’re learning crucial

And after your Summer Study Experience at ICE Malta you’ll be one step closer to your dream career. Here’s more. 

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Love Games? Nearly three fourths of the Maltese play digital & video games – Now, you can turn your passion for games into a career! All HERE

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You can even benefit from 70% (tax credit) of your course fees back thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme! Study what you love. Complete your enrolment on www.icemalta.com, visit the institute during the weekend or call 21467787 for more details.

Oh and one more thing. Here’s what our students say.