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Students are at the heart of our world-class study experience so when they score big career wins—we’re always eager to celebrate. These real-life stories are jam-packed with life lessons which will motivate you take charge of your career and invest in a learning journey which is as powerful as you want it to be.

Karl Paul Baldacchino
JackpotJoy Group
A move from tech support to design.
Years back this Computer Science graduate Karl joined the JackpotJoy’s tech team. He loved the company spirit yet in his heart of hearts he knew that a career in design would be more rewarding so he decided to follow his passion and enrolled for the Graphic Designer Associate course. He was thrilled to find the support of the company’s HR team who encouraged him to continue gaining crucial industry skills and offered him a career as a Junior Graphic Designer.
👉 Top brands value employees who are trustworthy and career driven. Karl moved from the tech team to the design team because he has the type of attitude JackpotJoy values. They didn’t want to lose him.

Janice Gilford
Mr. Green
A giant leap from banking to iGaming.
After graduating from Uni Janice landed a job as customer service agent. She later moved on to the banking industry yet she quickly realised that aligning her passions with her career would make going to work so much more exciting and rewarding. She enrolled for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course and scored a career at fast-growing iGaming brand Mr Green in a heartbeat.
👉 With the right in-demand industry skills and the most relevant worldwide recognised certifications you will have the power to choose which type of industry you want to be a part of.

Ryan Vassallo
The power of world-class learning.
Alumni Ryan set ambitious goals for himself. He was determined to achieve the three most prestigious system administration certifications in the world of tech – MCSA, CCNA and LPIC-1. He enrolled at a local training centre and quickly realised that to score his big career dreams in the fastest time possible he needed ICE Malta’s world-class study experience. After moving to ICE Malta he scored a career as DevOps Engineer at GiG – the rest is history.
👉 It’s not just ultra-cool branding or cool copy. When we say that our world-class learning experience is powerful we mean it. Add ICE Malta to your determination and passion and you’re setting yourself up for massive success.

Kurt Briffa
From junior to senior in less than 24 months.
Kurt wasn’t a fan of school, quite frankly he didn’t even have any career aspirations. Scoring a career in iGaming sounded like an impossible dream yet thanks to the support of his loved one he took the plunge and invested in his learning journey enrolling for six ICE Malta courses back to back. Today he’s managing the complete internal IT infrastructure of fast-growing iGaming brand Raketech.
👉 Slow starters can celebrate big wins too. It takes a spark of determination and ICE Malta in your corner to transform your career and reap the benefits of world-class learning. It’s absolutely never too late to make the change.

Kimberly Lowell
The creative industry is booming.
Kimberly has been working at leading brand boutique BRND WGN for a while yet as soon as she started getting comfy she decided to up her game and challenged herself to achieve the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Taking on this industry designed worldwide recognised study programme helped her remain at the top of her game.
👉 Learning never stops. There’s tons of space in the ICT arena however, the truth is if you’re keen on scoring a top position with a leading brand then it can get very competitive. Gaining industry skills and achieving worldwide recognised certifications is the secret to stay on top.

Karl Hili
Hili Adventures
Real-world industry skills are a passport to the world.
Karl dropped out of Uni because he’s always been a firm believer in practical learning and he’s always put his dreams ahead of everything else. ICE Malta’s world-class study experience sounded appealing and after meeting our Admissions Team he quickly understood that gaining more than one worldwide recognised certification and a collection of complimentary industry skills would give him the freedom and flexibility this creative craved. Today he’s traveling the world and loving every second of his life.
👉 Keep your eye on your goal and let us design a learning path aligned to your aspirations. We’ll keep you accountable, motivated and excited to live your greatest life ever. Just do it.

These were just six of our all-time favourite 2019 top stories. There are plenty more which make us just as proud and more determined than ever to continue to attract leading brands in learning to team up with us and give talent from all walks of life the opportunity to witness what a game-change world-class learning can bring.

We believe in each and every individual who trusts us to be a part of their learning journey. We’ve made it our mission to support young talent, meet industry-demands and continue to up the benchmark of learning because this is what we do best.