OPEN LETTER TO ICT STUDENTS (not the typical news post)

Welcome to our reality. After months and months of discussing, analyzing, debating, (occasionally arguing), talking, scribbling pages and pages on our strategy board – well in a nutshell, let’s describe all this as ‘countless hours of research’ – it’s time to share what we’ve created. As soon as we launch a semester timetable, especially when it’s as intensive as this Summer schedule, the ICE team tends to just pause for a while, look at what they’ve created and just stare in space. As soon as we press the magic ‘publish’ button, at that minute, second even, our diverse team of IT professionals, administrators, educators, marketing creatives, all  so diverse in their way of thinking and in their expertise, suddenly are magically brought together and have one thing in common – an undeniable excitement, a mystically wondering feeling and a longing almost an impatience to kick start the Summer semester as soon as possible and to start welcoming past together with new students for yet another semester of worldwide recognized certifications, creative moments, technical advances and student success. 

You see, it all boils down to what we consider to be extremely simple – We  really care, we truly do – We want to see students achieve their dream career, we celebrate when our students attain certifications, we get inspired by our students creativity, we’re proud of our students who make a name for themselves and their work, we’re humbled when some of Malta’s most elite, creative and dedicated tutors consider joining our team of professional mentors willing to share their knowledge. It’s simple. This is what gives us the satisfaction to keep us get stronger. This is what makes our ‘countless hours’ worth while.

Admittedly, we avoid falling into the trap of being too commercial or over competitive – yes of course, let’s be frank, this is a business – but, contrary to many, we understand the responsibility of owning  an entity which was designed to contribute towards the ICT education of our community. We know who we are, why way back we had decided to design and create an institute very different than what our islands had, we understand why we are relevant and have become valid – all these factors remind us to keep to our roots, remember our initial dreams for this ICT school and just keep to our plan and lead this school into the educational entity we originally dreamt it should become. We believe in our mission, values and aspirations. We believe we can make a difference. We think we already are. Actually, we know it. 

So, welcome to another exciting, memorable, iconic semester. We’re so proud you’ve decided to invest your precious time at our institute. We promise we will do our best to ensure that together with our tutors and corporate partners, we give you even more than you could ever imagine. We look forward to welcoming you to our institute, time and time again. Welcome to the ICE Malta family.