Level Rating confirmed for MySuccess Study Programmes

MySuccess study programmes were launched by ICE Malta in the 2013/2014 Academic Year giving local talent the opportunity to embark on study paths leading to careers in the Design, Technical and Code industries. Since then hundreds of students have not only achieved a collection of worldwide recognised certifications but have also attained the practical skills to be considered for career opportunities in their preferred industry.

All MySuccess study programmes are now level rated by the National Commission for Further Education and Training which confirms the prestige of this collection of study programmes, the relevance of the MySuccess industry designed training, and the confidence of knowing that local talent have an MQF Level 5/6 certificate added to their CV.

The MySuccess Graphic Designer Associate study programme is an MQF Level 5 Award titled ‘VET Award for Graphic Design Associate with Adobe Creative Suite’ by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education.

The MySuccess Graphic Designer Professional study programme is an MQF Level 6 Award titled VET Award for Graphic Design Professional with Adobe Creative Suite

The MySuccess Website Designer Associate study programme is an MQF Level 5 Award titled ‘VET Award for Front End Web Development’

The MySuccess Website Developer study programme is an MQF Level 5 Award titled VET Award for Web Development with MySQL and PHP

Furthermore all MySuccess study programmes are supported by the Get Qualified Scheme entitling students to benefit from 70% of their course fees back (tax credit) following successful course completion.

All MySuccess study programmes have been included in the February 2015 Semester and early enrolment is recommended. Prospective students are invited to get in touch with the ICE Malta team on email address [email protected]malta.com or call 21467787 to organize a visit to the school to discuss their preferred study path.

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