Jonathan Caruana tells us about his creative success!
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Just landed from ‘creative cloud 9’ following his recent success as winner of Malta’s first Creative Student Showcase, the ICE Malta team managed to steal Jonathan away from his latest video editing project to get his initial thoughts about his latest award.

ICE Malta –  So tell us, less than 24hours after your award, what was your initial reaction when your name was announced?

JC – Well to be honest I was really surprised. I had hoped to make it to the top 5, but everyone did such a great job on their projects that I knew that making the top 5 wasn’t going to be easy, let alone the top 2! So when my name was announced I was thrilled!

ICE Malta – All international and local judges, creative industry leaders  and top profile guests dedicated time to viewing your project. What was their general feedback?

JC – I got some very good feedback with regards to the creative aspect of my project. I was also complimented on how I tackled the project by splitting it into steps and finishing one step before moving on to the other, so as to avoid encountering problems further on. One judge in particular congratulated me for not limiting myself to just one particular tool in order to achieve the result that I was after. I was especially proud of Paul Taylor’s comment – he called my work ‘impressive’! 

ICE Malta –  Finally, as winner of Malta’s Creative Student showcase, what’s your message to students who are interested in furthering their studies in the creative industry.

JC – I think that the most important thing students need to do is to exceed their own limits. Do something good today, appreciate it, and then see how you’re going to do something better tomorrow. We’re living in an age where it’s so easy to keep on learning, be it through courses, books or the internet. The means for learning are all around us, so therefore we are only limited by how much we believe in ourselves.

Jonathan Caruana, one of the top two winners